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Shamanic Spiritual Readings and Guidance Session (In-person / Phone / Zoom)

Would you like meet your Spiritual Guides to seek answers, gain insight and direction to heal and learn why you came into this life and what you came here to do. In your Shamanic Readings and Guidance Session you can: - Meet and converse with your a particular guide. You can journey to meet your Animal Totem, Spirit Guide, and Higher Self. - Journey to meet a parallel version of yourself that resides in an alternate reality of SpaceTime where they will share their learning's and wisdom on how they became who they are. - Visit the Astral plane to interact with Enlightened Masters, Angels and other healing or inspirational beings. - Meet one of your Ancestor so you can understand your issue(s), resolve things of the past, seek reassurance of your path or to simply re-connect. - An Akashic Records (Web of Life) Reading.

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Shamanic Journeying Session (In-person / Phone / Zoom)

Work within the Shamanic realms, what shamans call non-ordinary reality, trance, dream space, imagination and visualization, with the intent and purpose to learn, understand and heal your core issues. Identify and heal core issues, but not limited to, you can address are: - Get parts of yourself back you feel that you lost. - Heal your addictions by learning about your needs and “how” your needs are meet. - Healing self-sabotage, abusive parts of yourself. - Power Retrieval Journey to get your power back. - Past Life Journeys to heal the persons we once were.

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The Gathering: An Advanced Soul Retrieval Journey (In-person / Phone / Zoom)

In this 2hr session you will focus on gathering and hunting for the parts of yourself that were lost and wounded (Lost Soul Parts) after a traumatic event. Within this Journey you will travel to 8 Medicine Wheels. Each Wheel will show you what you need to understand about your core issue(s) so you can fully heal from the event(s). You will find: - Your original wound (the root of cause). - The wounded agreement that was created because of the original wound - The neglected and hidden parts of yourself that you lost. If a particular event(s) has left you you feeling separated, scattered, disconnected and disorganized then this is the session for you! Soul Loss can occur after this life experiences: - Illness or accident. - Major surgery. - Bad Childhood, not feeling loved or abandoned by a parent. - Divorce, separation or break up - Death of a loved one. - Abusive relationship(s).

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Shamanic Energy Work to Clear and Balance Session (In-person / Phone / Zoom)

Energy work provides a therapeutic and gentle way to heal, transform and improve a clients Total Energy System. Using the power of Mother Earth Healing Energy (Great Fire, Magnetic & Gravitational Forces) I can: - Clear your Aura & Balance your Chakras. - Activate your Ancestral DNA. - Realign and reconnect your grid-lines to the Planet Mother Earth’s grid-lines. - Extraction and removal of Entities (Spirit & Energetic). - Removal of Crystallized (Stuck) Energy and Bindings. - Protection and Healing you from negative energies (Sorcery and Self-Sorcery).

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Jennifer Malisauskas