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Advaned Pro Retinol Peel

This pure retinol peel increases the turnover of surface cells, improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation, smooths and evens skin texture, reduces the size of pores and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without irritation.

$175 · 1 hour

Fire & Ice Facial

The legendary IsClinical fire & ice facial is designed to safely resurface and rapidly rejuvenate the skin with little or no downtime. This treatment helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving the appearance of uneven skin tone and blemishes, resulting in a more youthful complexion.

$150 · 1 hour

Virtual Consult

This is a scheduled face time conference where we will determine the best skincare regimen to begin that is catered to your skin concerns and goals.

$100 · 1 hour

Celluma LED Therapy

Anti-aging and acne fighting LED therapy first developed by NASA, LED works by sending energy producing pockets of light into deep layers of the skin. This is a safe, painless, and effective as it covers a wide variety of skin concerns. Appointment can be made once/twice a week for instant results.

$30 · 30 minutes

Chemical Peel

Chemical peeling is a deep exfoliation that helps to improve the tone and texture of your skin by smoothing out the signs of aging and sun exposure.

$125 · 1 hour

Consult & Treatment

Not sure which service or products are right for you? I will thoroughly examine your skin and recommend the best treatment and products for your skin type and condition. The consult is completed the same day as your treatment and $100 consultation fee will go towards the chosen treatment.

$100 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Customized Facial

A customized facial is perfect for all skin types and conditions. This is great for anyone wanting to exfoliate, brighten, or replenish dull dehydrated, congested skin. The starting price is $125-

$125 · 1 hour

Facial Infusion

Facial infusion is a non invasive serum delivery system that enhances results for acne, aging, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. It can be customized by adding powder blends for increased correction based on your skin concerns. This treatment is unique because it avoids damaging the epidermis by penetrating several high-dose active ingredients into the dermis.

$150 · 1 hour

Microcurrent Facial

Microcurrent is a low-level current that is often used on clients who would like to tighten certain regions with muscles to provide an anti-aging effect. This treatment is used for facial contouring, toning, and firming of aging skin, basically a gym for your face! Microcurrent works by sending electrical impulses through the muscles which increases the production of elastin and collagen. Multiple treatments may be required in order to achieve desired results.

$150 · 1 hour

Microdermabrasion Facial

Once you're in your 20’s, your skin becomes less efficient at renewing itself. One way to remove dead skin cells, improve your skin’s texture, and reveal a more radiant, healthy-looking you is to exfoliate with microdermabrasion or dermaplaning. It helps stimulate collagen production and promotes the growth of healthy new cells.

$140 · 1 hour

Micro Peel Facial

This treatment combines the benefit of a chemical peel and microdermabrasion (or a dermaplane). It starts with a microdermabrasion for smoothness followed with a chemical peel that provides exfoliating and collagen benefits.

$145 · 1 hour

Sugar Lash Lift

Sugar lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that gives your natural lashes an illusion of perfectly curled lashes with added definition. It is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, as it requires very little maintenance and has long lasting results up to 8 weeks.

$100 · 1 hour


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