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Basic Full Set

This service includes a Basic Full Acrylic set with gel polish & your choice of shape and length at no added cost! • Service also includes your choice of either Glossy or Matte Top Coat.

$45 · 1 hour 25 minutes

Acrylic Balance

This service is a Basic Acrylic Balance.

$35 · 1 hour 10 minutes

Gel Manicure

This service includes, cleaning up the natural nail (cuticles, filing & buffing) and painting the nail with gel polish & using cuticle oil.

$30 · 45 minutes

Acrylic Soak Off (Removal)

This service includes, removal of an Acrylic Set with acetone and cleaning up the natural nail.

$15 · 1 hour

Basic Ombré Set

This service includes either Basic Ombré Set (nude & white) or Colored Ombré Set (pink, orange, blue, etc) Priced differently based on product! Service comes with Matte or Glossy Top Coat!

2 Options

Ombré Acrylic Balance

2 Options

ADD ON: Basic Nail Design

Please Read if you’re interested in design! Basic Design & Intricate designs are priced differently due to the amount of time and how intricate certain designs are! Basic Designs include (cheetah, cow, dots, flowers, lines, french tip) and Intricate Designs include (cartoon, aesthetic designs, seasonal designs).

2 Options

ADD ON: Nail Encapsulation

PRICE IS PER (1) FINGER. • This service includes, encapsulating/enclosing different nail decorations, (Butterflies, Dried Flowers, Mini Fruit Decals, Foil, Glitter). This should be added on if you wanted this on your Acrylics!

$6 · 5 minutes

ADD ON: Chrome Powder

PRICE IS PER NAIL • This service includes chrome powder for your nails! Should be added on if you wanted this on your acrylics!

$3 · 5 minutes

ADD ON: Cuticle Bling (Rhinestones)

PRICE IS PER NAIL • This service includes rhinestones on your nail! Price goes up depending on how many rhinestones you’d like!

3 Options

ADD ON: Nail Repair

PRICE IS PER NAIL •This service includes a simple nail repair, must add on your service if needed! If your nail breaks within a week of original service, it’ll be a free repair!

$3 · 5 minutes

Polish Change

This service included a polish change if you were wanting a different color! (This is not a balance)

$15 · 25 minutes


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