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Free · 15 minutes


Steam, Face Wash, Hot towel, Massage, Facial Mask and Moisturizer.

$20 · 15 minutes

Children & Senior Haircut

Haircut for children under 13 and Seniors over 65

3 Options

Children's Haircut & Design

Children's haircut styles and design under 13.

2 Options

Beard Trim / Shape Up / Line Up

True Line up and Beard Sculpting

$30 · 25 minutes


Haircut styles with crisp line-up and razor finish

2 Options

Haircut & Design

Haircut and line design with razor finish. Prices vary for images.

2 Options

Haircut & Eyebrows

Haircut and eyebrow shape/arch.

2 Options

Haircut & Beard Trim

Haircut styles and beard shape up with razor finish, hot towel, massage, face wash, and moisturizer.

2 Options

Haircut, Eyebrow & Design

Haircut styles, eyebrow shape/arch and line design with razor finish. Image prices vary.

2 Options

Haircut, Beard Trim & Design

Haircut styles, beard trim and design with razor finish and mini facial.

2 Options

Haircut & Color

Haircut styles and color

2 hours

Loc Retwist & Maintenance

Wash & Conditioner, retwist

2 hours

Hair Replacement

Unit or weave application hair replacement solutions.

$200 · 2 hours


Camillia Williams