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Odor Eliminator ($45) - INT ADD-ON ONLY

Unlike many auto air fresheners, this car deodorizer will not simply mask the problem. Our Chlorine Treatment will eliminate extreme odors in less than 24 hours with one of the most powerful and safest odor-removal chemicals known to man. This "Odor & Mold Medicine" will eradicate odors caused by mold, mildew, cigarette & cigar smoke, skunk, body sweat, spoiled food, gasoline, sour milk & chemical compounds.

$45 $45 ยท 1 hour

Supreme - Full Int/Ext ($160-$200)

Extra Dirty Charges - $5-$50 Everything included with a Full Interior & Exterior Detailing Service

3 Options

Full Interior ($80-$100)

Extra Dirty Charges - $5-$50 -All Interior Surfaces Cleaned/Dressed -Full Service Vacuum -Carpet Extract Floors/Seats -Deep Clean All Floor Mats -Interior Windows Cleaned -Leather Seats Cleaned/Conditioned

3 Options

Full Exterior ($80-$100)

Extra Dirty Charges - $5-$50 -Full Decontamination Wash -Clay Bar Treatment -Wheels/Tires Cleaned/Dressed -Clean Door Jambs -Exterior Windows Cleaned -Hydrophobic Wax/Sealant

3 Options


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