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Individual Pageant Prep with Whitney & Jurnee

Are you ready to enhance your competitive edge? Accepting new and experienced pageant contestants ages 5 & up seeking to compete in any system: local, state and/or national pageant(s)! Private One-on-One Sessions Include: *Walking Skills *Interview *On Stage Question *Platform Development *Social Media Presence *Community Service *Wardrobe Consultation *Paperwork Prep *Fact Sheet, Bios, Platform Page *Ad Pages/Graphics *Website Services *Photography Consultation *Hair & Makeup Consultation *Public Speaking *Stage Presence *Branding *Modeling Opportunities *Personal Development *Pageants System(s) Overview *Encouraging Support *Mental Preparation *Owning Your Individual Style *SO MUCH MORE! We can help you achieve excellence in pageantry!!

Card charged in-person at time of appointment. Cancellation fee may apply. $60 ยท 1 hour


Whitney & Jurnee