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Full Balayage

Whole head of hand-painted highlights. Can be combined with Full Color before adding a fashion color. A small color charge fee may apply for very thick or long hair. This price includes one round of toner/gloss.

$165 · 3 hours

Creative Color - Full Service Per Hour

-Consultation required for new clients prior to booking. Can be done in person or via text or zoom. If your hair has non-professional color on it, a strand test will be required as well as an in-person consultation- Bleaching prep and vivid/creative color application: $100 Per Hour This includes one toner and a conditioning masque after lightening. Blow dry styling included. Typically this service is charged by the hour, as it varies widely in time, price and product used. The color you’d like to achieve can also depend on how your hair lightens, as some colors require the hair canvas to be near white to apply. Processing can take anywhere from 3 hours to 6 hours, more if we’re doing something big! Please plan parking accordingly.

4 hours

Full Highlight

All-over highlights, low lights or tone weaved into the hair with foils. From the nape to the crown of the head and around the face. Does include one round of toner; any additional toner and extra color will be $15 each. Price increase for “babylights”, thin foils in thick sections around the head for the ultimate lightening with blended roots. Fee may apply for very thick or long hair.

3 hours

Partial Highlight

Highlights or lowlights applied to most visible portions of the crown of the head, with minimal foils used to create contrast and dimension. Does include one round of toner; extra color or toning will be added to price depending on hair density.

$115 · 2 hours 45 minutes

Short Precision Haircut

*NO CLIPPER CUTS OR FADES* - For hair starting shorter than the ears (about finger length) all over - Examples are Pixies, short scissored barbered cuts. Blow dry and style included. If your hair is thicker than average, please note there will be a fee added for extra time texturizing and shaping. If you’re looking for a short shaggy haircut, please book short shag. Mohawks, undercuts and mullets please book a Shag/Mullet service.

$50 · 1 hour

Medium Precision Haircut

For hair STARTING above shoulders, and longer than the ears. Examples are short one length cuts, bobs, short curly cuts, A-Line bobs and other finely detailed medium lengths. Wash and basic style are included. *if your hair is much longer prior to this cut cut, a “big chop” fee may apply for added time and labor.

$57 · 1 hour

Bang Trim

$15 · 30 minutes

Long One-Length Haircut

-Shags, mullets and Mohawks, please select Shag/Mullet haircut option- For hair currently longer than the the top of shoulders (even if you are going shorter) one length, blunt with no layers or face framing added. Wash and Blowout included.

$57 · 1 hour

Color Consultation

*Consultations can be done In person (if a strand test is needed) or via text. All new Fashion color clients MUST book a consultation before booking color* It is also recommended if you are a new color client to me - for any color- that you also book a consultation.

Free · 30 minutes

Partial Balayage

Hand-painted highlights only on the crown of the head. Great for first time color. Includes toner; does not include color refills depending on hair thickness.

$125 · 2 hours 45 minutes

Basic Shampoo-Blowdry

Shampoo/conditioner and blow dry style with Kevin Murphy products. Curl or flat iron not included.

$45 · 45 minutes

Long Shag/Mullet

This haircut service is for specialized haircuts (haircuts that require more time, styling and advanced cutting techniques) such as long shag haircuts (longer than the shoulders) Curly specialty haircuts, Razored haircuts such as mullets. Please allow for extra time and styling. Shampoo and style included.

$65 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Scalp Treatment

An add-on for any hair cut, color or styling service. I use Malibu brand professional scalp cleansing treatment which gently helps slough away dead skin, and helps refresh the scalp. (Not for psoriasis or medical dandruff)

$30 · 30 minutes

Short Shag/Mullet

Select this haircut service if you are looking for a shorter shaggy haircut, textured bob, or razor cut longer than 3 inches from your scalp. If your hair is currently longer than your shoulders, please book a long shag/mullet even if you plan to go shorter. Shampoo and style instruction included.

$57 · 1 hour

Long Layered Haircut

Select this service for a long-layered cut. Face framing is included if desired. If you would like shaggy face framing or short/shag layers, please select the shag/mullet haircut option.

$65 · 1 hour

Corrective Color / PER HOUR


4 hours

Cut/Styling Consultation

This may also be done via text or zoom if requested.

Free · 30 minutes

Short/Pixie Cleanup

Existing Short Cut clients only - Dry cutting, Trimming around the nape, ear line and hairline where needed. Texturizing where needed along hairline. Anything behind initial hairline/ear areas please book a full haircut.

$35 · 45 minutes

Full Color- Short Hair

Single-Process all over color on short hair. (A fade or pixie) Does not apply for creative color, creative color refresh, pre-filling or a new color that requires removal. Please schedule a consultation or message me with any questions prior to booking.

$75 · 2 hours 15 minutes

Full Color - Medium/Long Hair

*Price per individual service varies based on length and density of hair. (For example, single process all over color on a pixie is $65)* -NO ALL OVER BLONDES/BLEACH & TONES UNLESS YOU ARE AN EXISTING CLIENT- -New color clients, please book an in-person or zoom (message me on IG) consultation for a date prior to your color appointments, including fashion shades- For solid color from root to ends / no all over bleach. This price reflects single process color, does not reflect any additional bowls of color added, toners, or secondary processes.

2 hours 45 minutes

Styling - Curls/Waves Only

Add On - Curling iron curls/waves; With a blow-dry or haircut service

$25 · 45 minutes


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