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Haircut (Please select an option below and continue to find your barber)

Level 1 barber; Level 2 barber Haircut service include all types of fades and scissor work. Time does not allow for longer hair cuts or design work please call the shop for availability and pricing.

2 Options

Beard Trim

Beard trim service includes using clippers or shears to trim or shape facial hair. Also includes straight razor on the cheeks.

2 Options

Haircut and Beard trim

2 Options

Full Shave

Full Shave Service includes using pre-shave oils and hot towels to prepare the skin for an old school straight razor shave.

2 Options

Haircut and Full Shave

2 Options

Partial Shave

Straight razor shave under neck and around beard line. Includes hot towel service

2 Options

Haircut and Partial Shave

2 Options

Head Shave

Straight razor shave of head

2 Options

Buzz cut

Buzz cut includes one guard all around. NO FADING.

$25 · 30 minutes

Buzzcut and Beard trim

Single guard across head and a beardtrim. NO FADES

$37 · 30 minutes

Brandan (Level 2 Barber)

Brandy (Level 2 barber)

A Houston native, Brandy, has been cutting for 10+ years. She started barbering after 5 years of working in the salon industry. She is well versed in scissor work as well as clipper cuts. She has trained and taught for the prestigious Aveda institute here and overseas. Asians love her cause she knows the struggle when it comes to hair. Book with Brandy for your next cut.

Cookie (Level 2 barber)

Cookie has been cutting for over 10 years. She is the bomb and can cut pretty much any haircut type, texture, and style. Sit in her chair and be inspired by all her travels and adventures. You will not regret it.

Electa Hazenstab

From good ol' Kentucky, but a Houston native at heart. Electa has been in Houston for 2 years and slaggin' cuts for just as long. With a straight razor in hand and the flick of the wrist, be prepared for a smoooth shave and superior cut from the electrifying Electa.

Julia R (Level 1 Barber)

A ray of midwestern sunshine, Julia, is no stranger to the clippers. 4 years of experience under her belt, dual licensed, and lots of love radiating from those hands you're definitely in for a killer cut. She truly embodies what we mean by "cutthroat", book your next chop with her!

LG (Level 2 Barber)

LG is a power house of laughter, when in his chair you're going to be in for a good laugh. Don't say I didn't warn you though. His jokes aren't the only thing that'll have you on the floor, his fades pack a punch! He's a well rounded barber with years of experience and it shows. Get faded with LG today!

Matt H (Level 2 Barber)

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Matt has been choppin tops for 3 years. He is an extremely capable barber who excels in all hair styles and textures including tight fades and scissor cuts. Starting in the hairdressing world, Matt very quickly realized his passion was in mens cutting and decided to begin his career as a full time barber. His warmth and service skills will put you immediately at ease and you will feel as if you have known him for years. Book with Matt for your next cut you wont regret it!

Ryan (Level 1 barber)

With roughly 9 years of experience behind the chair, Ryan is comfortable with pretty much all hair styles and textures. A Houston native Ryan enjoys cutting short scissor cuts and tight fades. Outside of work Ryan has a passion for music and plays in his free time with his wife. He is very excited to be a cutthroat barber and is highly competent with in cutting hair and customer service. Book with Ryan for your next cut.