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How to Have More Intimacy

Free 1 hr consultation to discuss the issues that prevent individuals from having the caring, loving, supportive relationships they truly deserve.

Free · 1 hour

3 Month Package

First, we take a deep dive into masculine and feminine archetypes, exploring how these energies affect all aspects of our relationships. Second, we start the shadow work process; minimizing and integrating those negative attributes of our personality so that we can become the light we seek in others. Finally, we combine mind, body and spirit to move the energy through the body to reconnect with our higher selves.

$1,985 · 23 hours


Spend 8 hrs with me. We'll review the masculine & feminine archetypes. Determine which archetype you're operating from, how that energy affects the relationship and learn how to maximize that energy to bring about change.

$985 · 8 hours

6 Month Package

This is the ultimate package because the work involved is intense. The only constant is change. In order for that to happen, one must be present, ready and willing to be accountable for our actions at all times. Nothing is sugarcoated. There's no hiding, blaming or shaming. This is an awakening of one's highest self. Challenges will arise and must be faced head on. The question is.....are you prepared to face those challenges and move past them?

$4,985 · 1 day


Inez Powell