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Breast Cancer Rehab Treatment

This unique package includes an initial detailed assessment by a licensed physical therapist specialized in cancer rehab and is followed with manual therapy, relaxation techniques, and instruction for self-treatment and a prescribed exercise program. The therapist screens patient for lymphedema, general swelling, range of motion limitations, muscle weakness, and muscular pain, as well as identifies side effects after radiation, chemotherapy, and surgical intervention. Manual treatments may include manual lymph drainage, cupping, soft tissue mobilization, guided imagery, scar tissue massage, myofascial techniques, joint mobilization, and trigger point release in order to optimize return to normal function and mobility. This package can also help any person undergoing cancer treatment or any cancer survivor. Skilled physical therapy has been shown to help cancer patients conquer the physical side effects after chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical intervention. Treatment addresses problem areas as well as teaches preventative self care important for a successful rehab process. Compression wrapping is provided if needed and compression garment fitting is provided if appropriate for the additional cost of supplies.

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