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COVID Molecular Test

COVID Molecular Test performed on Abbott ID NOW in clinic with 15 minutes turn around time. Will provide official letter to airline. For travel patients only!

$225 · 10 minutes


COVID PCR Test with 24-48 hours turn around time. Accepted by all insurance.

Free · 10 minutes

COVID Antibody test

COVID Antibody test is a blood test which detects antibody after COVID infection or COVID vaccine. Turn around time is 24 hours. Accepted by all insurance.

Free · 10 minutes

Women's Health

Pap smear STD treatment menopause care pre-natal care

30 minutes

Physical Exam

Routine physical exam

20 minutes

STD Test/Treatment

Urine and blood test for the following common STDs: gonorrhea chlamydia syphilis HIV hepatitis

30 minutes


Pre-exposure prophylaxis and post-exposure prophylaxis treatment for HIV

20 minutes

Sick Visit

20 minutes

COVID Rapid Antigen Test

COVID Rapid Antigen test performed in the clinic with turn around time of 15 minutes. Accepted by all insurance.

Free · 10 minutes


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