Dear valued customers, Unfortunately, due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak we are currently only taking bookings for virtual appointments at this time. This is a difficult time for our business, so we thank you for your patience and support. For our customers who've asked how they can continue to support our business in the meantime, please consider purchasing a gift card below. Thanks, and stay safe!

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1-Hr. Sexology Coaching Session

Through supportive wellness coaching, we will discuss multiple areas of health and lifestyle and will come up with a sustainable action plan designed for YOU to increase your vitality to live a happier, healthier life! Sessions may involve brainstorming, values clarification, the completion of written assignments, education, goal setting, identifying plans of action, accountability, making requests, agreements to change behavior, examining health and wellness styles, and questioning.

$100.00 $100 · 55 minutes

Breathwork Workshop

This group workshop may include an introduction to meditative and integrative breathwork experience to help you access and experience love, safety, serenity, and spaciousness in your own body.

$100.00 $20 · 1 hour 10 minutes

Womb{love}ology™ Group Workshop

A Group Womb Healing Workshop. Get ready to deepen the connection with your sexual energy while connecting with others on a similar path. We meet to discuss your stories, chant, dance, breathe, move some more, and tap into your inner most strengths and desires to release unresolved trauma, pain, and grief. Reclaim your sexual authenticity Queen!

$50.00 $50 · 1 hour 5 minutes

30-Minute Breathwork Session

A 30-minute conscious breathing session to support you with reducing stress while getting in touch with your energetic presence. These soulful sessions can help you acknowledge the emotional, physical, and spiritual parts of yourself with love and compassion.

$30.00 $30 · 30 minutes

1-Hr. Breathwork Session

This 60 minute meditative breathwork session will support you with reducing stress, releasing stuck emotions within your body, and will leave you feeling more grounded, calm, and prepared to face the world.

$50.00 $50 · 1 hour

It’s a Date! 1-Hr. Couples Breathwork Session

1-hour breathwork session is designed to help couples deeply connect with each other through communication, touch, and breath. You will learn to hold space for one and other, will discover each other’s loves and fears, and will breathe deeply with each other while discovering, honoring, and expressing your deepest desires and appreciation for each other.

$100 · 1 hour

Discovery Session

A 1-hour consultation for new clients only. Let’s meet up with to define what the issues are, and decide whether Sexology or Energy Healing Therapy is the right course of action for you at this time. If, together with Innocence, you decide to proceed, you will be offered a series of mutually agreed appointments.

Free · 1 hour

1-Hr. Wellness Coaching Session

60-Minute Wellness Coaching Sessions may include any of the following: Intuitive Movement + Conscious Breathwork + Sound Therapy Session. May include Crystal Singing Instrumentals, Therapy Drums, Tuning Forks, etc. For Collective Members by appointment only.

$150.00 $150 · 55 minutes


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