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Holistic Weight Release

Did you know that your weight is influenced 80% by what you eat and only 20% by what kind of daily activities you have (including exercise)? Therefore, my approach is based on nutrition as a science and not the fad diets which make most everyone sick. I also look at food as the most ancient form of medicine, and that is why I know that the first issue to deal with in the case of overweight clients is their addiction to food. Meditation, neurofeedback, and positive affirmations can increase your chances of building new neuro-networks, which will ultimately lead you to make better decisions. During this program, you will also learn nutrition excessively based on your body type and medical conditions, which will allow you to see through marketing tricks that food producers use to deceive their customers while convincing them to buy their products. This weight loss and wellness coaching program is designed to create life-long changes in your harmful habits that are easy to understand and follow.

$75 · 50 minutes

Life Coaching

We all can get lost in the complexity of our life sometimes. These sessions will help you to better understand your situation, identify your goals, and create a solid plan to achieve them. We all do better when there is someone, who can help us to reevaluate our situation and offer alternative options or solutions to our issues that we otherwise wouldn't have thought of. We use a combination of different kind of methods that help us to see in which area of our life we struggle the most, and how to strengthen ourselves by addressing each one of our weaknesses.

$75 · 50 minutes

Bioenergetic Readings & Healing

We all have a physical body that is nothing else but a sum of interceding fields of energy created by each atom, the building blocks of our cells. Quantum physics recently revealed the power of consciousness over matter, which proved that the human mind has a more significant effect on the body than what science previously taught to its disciples. Therefore, the thousand-year-old theory of chakras, or the energy centers of the human body, and meridians (also energy centers of the body named by a different tradition) became a focal point in holistic healing, and the revolution of energy medicine has begun. Since consciousness is a lot like the very fabric of reality or the vacuum between each nucleus and subatomic particles, affecting the bioenergetic field does not require the physical proximity of healer and client. With the help of my experience in meditation and my skills as a medical intuitive, I can facilitate an energy recalibration remotely very much the same way as I can in person. This process includes gaining information about your chakras, and focusing on specific issues found either in your physical or your energetic body, as well as grounding your energies. Having said that, you can also gain access to sensing your own energy centers, and I can guide you through this process with the help of one-on-one sessions over the phone or in person.

$75 · 50 minutes

Initial Consultation

Are you wondering which service you need? This is a great opportunity for you to gain more insight into the technology and methodology I use during my sessions. All my services are customized to the individual needs of each client, and so this session will allow me to know more about you and your needs. Do you already know which service you want but you don't know what to expect? Schedule this service, and I can answer any of your questions that you might have about how to set a goal that is easy to achieve with my help.

Free · 20 minutes

Science Based Stress Reduction

Meditation is a thousand-year-old technique developed and preserved by spiritual doctrines from all over the world. However, meditation is much more than a traditional spiritual practice, like a prayer. Meditation gives power to the practitioner over the autonomic functions of the body, and it helps to reset the entire nervous system, which protects us from premature aging, stress, many chronic diseases, mental illnesses, and attention deficit. Meditation also helps to regulate your emotions, and it provides an opportunity to heal faster (from any diseases) and to achieve your goal of living life at its fullest potential. Biofeedback is like a mirror. Though recording and analyzing the parameters of our physiological functions we gain a better understanding of the current state of our health and in many cases (if not all the time) the current state of our mind as well. With the help of a personal EEG device, we can gain feedback through measuring brainwaves, which greatly enhances meditation training. EEG biofeedback is also used to treat many mental conditions as well as achieving peak performance whether your activities are academic or professional. Neurofeedback can also be used to treat specific conditions such as insomnia, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, TBI, and so on. My protocol is not based on guiding you through meditation but rather on creating a plan for you to follow a sure pathway to success. In case of distance training (which we can do over the phone or the internet), I identify the level of your practice and then prescribe a plan which then you will do in the comfort of your home. Your device allows me to gain insight into the progress you made over time, which allows me to modify your plan every time you reach a milestone. Meditating this way is more effective and much more fun!

$75 · 50 minutes

Fruzsina M Carson