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Comprehensive Eye Exam

Includes preliminary testing, glasses prescription test, eye pressure test (glaucoma test), and eye health evaluation with dilation and/or retinal photos

20 minutes

3D Topology Eyewear Customization

AVAILABLE STARTING: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2019 Bring a friend and check out the latest technology in fully customizing frames just made for you! Have a crooked or flat nose? Larger or smaller head? Eyes are close together? Glasses don't stay on? Frames touch the cheeks or eyelashes? Just feel like glasses don't look good on you? These are all issues Noonci and Topology can account for in making you the perfect frame for your unique facial features. See Things Differently!

30 minutes

Contact Lens Exam

Comprehensive eye exam plus a contact lens fit. We will teach you proper contact lens hygiene and how to insert and remove contact lenses if you are new to contacts. Includes glasses prescription and contact lens prescription.

20 minutes


Dr. Jennie Cho and Dr. Angela Cho