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Trail Ride Deposit - 1 person

$25 · 2 hours

Romantic Trail Ride for Two

Take your sweetheart on a date to remember. $150 for a two hour experience for two people including a guided trail ride, a picnic basket full of snacks ,sparkling grape juice, custom souvenir wine glasses and a campfire

$150 · 2 hours

Trail Ride Deposit - 2 people

$50 · 2 hours

Trail Ride Deposit-3 people

$75 · 2 hours

Trail Ride Deposit-4 people

$100 · 2 hours

Trail Ride Deposit-5 people

$125 · 2 hours

Drop In Lesson

Can't commit to a full session of lessons? Sign up for a one time private lesson with with one of our certified instructors a gentle horse. Ages five and up.

$65 · 1 hour

Therapeutic Rider Assessment

Our therapeutic riding lessons are taught by PATH International certified instructors. An one hour assessment at the barn with our program director is the first step to getting started in our program. Once you sign up for an assessment, you''ll receive some paperwork to complete. It does require a doctor's signature, so when signing up, plan for a date that allows time to complete paperwork.

$50 · 1 hour

Recreational Riding Assessment

This is the first step to signing up for a session of lessons. At your assessemnt, you'll receive a mini riding lesson so our instructors can determine what your current skill set is and assign you to an appropriate lesson group. We'll talk about your riding goals and select appropriate tack and an appropriate horse for your lessons.

$50 · 1 hour


Gretchen Ahrens