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(Remote) New Client Energy Healing Session

This session is for first time Energy Healing Clients and is required for all new clients. This session includes a brief consultation to assess your needs and your new client paperwork is due before your session. (Emailed to Remote sessions can be completed over the phone or via Zoom*. *Please be sure Zoom is downloaded to your device prior to your appointment.

$126 · 1 hour

(Remote) Energy Healing Session with Intuitive Guidance

This is a full therapeutic Reiki session with Intuitive Guidance (50 Min) (Energy Healing session + Intuitive Reading) via Zoom* or over the phone. *Please be sure the Zoom application is downloaded to your device prior to your appointment.

$102 · 50 minutes

Free Consultation

This consultation is for new clients. This is a free 20 minute phone call to discuss your needs. We will share the services we offer that we feel would be most beneficial based on what you are looking to achieve.

Free · 20 minutes

(Remote) Akashic Record Reading

Remote via phone or Zoom. *For Physical Readings only: You must provide a description of the item or the exact address of the location that you would like read when you book your appointment. Choose a 5 minute time slot on the schedule and the reading will be completed within 72 hours of the date and time you book.

4 Options

(Remote) Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Psychic Reading. Per 40 Minutes; Remote via phone or Zoom.

$120 · 40 minutes

(Remote) Introductory Coaching Session

Introductory or Single Session; One 50 minute session; Over the phone, Facebook messenger, Skype. For new clients or as an additional single session before or after completing a package.

$129 · 50 minutes

(Remote) One Month Coaching Package

Four, 60 minute sessions; Over the phone, Facebook messenger, or Skype. Completed in consecutive weeks.

$498 · 1 hour

(Remote) Distance Mini Energy Healing Session

Distance healing sessions can take place over the phone on Zoom and can be scheduled after an initial client session.

$75 · 25 minutes

(Remote) Crystal Healing Session

Crystal Healing sessions focus on balancing and aligning your chakras and energy fields. Due to COVID 19, crystal sessions have been modified and (until further notice) will be set up as follows: Schedule your appointment and you will receive a text message to set up a 5 minute phone conversation to determine your needs for the session. You can choose to receive an email with instructions outlining several crystals and stones that will be most helpful for you and are specifically identified based on your needs or I will use my personal crystals to assist in your healing.

$90 · 45 minutes

Julie Larkins