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Mindfulness Restorative Sound Session

These Mindfulness Sessions are a practice in developing and sharpening the muscle of mental focus while increasingly relaxing the body through sacred sound meditation.  As participants breathe deeply and allow themselves to be immersed in a soothing sea of sound, the system is fundamentally restored and rejuvenated as a direct result of the energy that the sound waves add back to the mind/body system.  These sessions are lightly guided to allow space for personal goals and scientifically researched benefits may include: Deep Relaxation & Calm Decreased Mental Chatter A Better Night's Rest And over time, with dedicated regular practice - better cognitive performance. * It's highly recommended to take these sessions prior to a Quantum Journey Session. *Drink plenty of water days leading up to our session and come in comfortable fitting clothing that permits light stretching.

$135 $135 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Restorative Sound Session - Quantum Journey

A Quantum Journey is one of two offerings designed to reinforce the bonds of love that bring us together, this one by tapping into the power of the imagination as a serious tool and means of communication for receiving messages from our collective subconscious mind.  This deep work, is an effective way for individuals, couples, small close friend groups, even close-knit nonprofit boards..., to further explore and enhance the purpose for being together in this phase of their lives.  This inner journey of Self realization encourages a certain level of reverence and personal responsibility as together, we mine the unfolding stories and messages, as metaphor for relevant meaning.  While somewhat whimsical in nature, these sessions can be thought of as a cross between imaginative daydreaming, guided meditation, and self-hypnosis.  See more about the inception of these sessions on the About Genie page at and contact Genie with questions.

$245 · 2 hours

Momma & Me Meditation

These Momma & Me Sessions are one of two sessions designed to reinforce the bonds of love that bring us together, this one through light exercise followed by practicing mindfulness meditation.  Familial bonds cross connect us through space and time and these sessions are specialized for mothers and their school-aged children, grades 2nd - high school (for group sessions)  to help establish emotional and spiritual tools for thriving in everyday life.  Over time, Mindfulness Meditation practices can help increase cognitive performance and enhance emotional intelligence and these 30 minute sessions are conveniently available as after-school program packaging. Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing for light stretching. And drink plenty of water the day prior to the session. 

30 minutes


Regina Johnson