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Dream Interpretation

Ever wonder why a lingering dream that felt so real won’t go away? Needing to know is part of the problem. Getting answers— is the solution. An interpretation session with LVF.LVX is a magickal way of digging straight into the subconscious for an inward reflection of day-to-day life, our desires, and anxieties that come with it. LVF.LVX is a natural mystic and student of the arts. She devotes a full 25 min consultation to the student, granting undivided attention and customer satisfaction guarantee. Not local? Email us your dream and up to three questions at no extra charge!

$22.00 $22 · 25 minutes

Apothecary Consultation & Custom Skin Care Product

We all have our issues. But Sometimes, they manifest on our skin. Not to fear— our custom made, all natural, handmade products include only healthy and pure ingredients. No dyes, preservatives, or additives. Only real botanicals and Simple ingredients. A 20 min consultation will help you understand which medicinal plant properties are meant for you and tops it off with a customized product of choice— facial mask, body scrub, or body oil, prepared right on the spot. Not local? No problem! Email us your skin concerns and we’ll ship it right to you, on the house!

$33.00 $33 · 30 minutes

20 Min Apothecary & Meditation Consultation with Custom Focus Kit

Some people say that intention is everything. Those are the smart ones. An Apothecary & Meditation Consultation with LVF.LVX is a powerful way of understanding the tools and time it takes to put our innermost attention and intention into the aethers, where thought creates action and we open ourselves up for manifestation. Like the power of prayer, meditation is energy focused to bring about health, harmony, tension/anxiety-relief, sleep and dream assistance, resource abundance, and make us more attractive. By learning what your goal is, LVF.LVX can prepare you to utilize herbs, candles, vocals, and appropriate symbolism with focus and intention. Sorry, no hexes or love spells. 20 Min Consultation + Customized Kit includes: Custom blended tea, tealight candle, bath salts blend, blended botanical oil, natural dried flowers, cement bowl, and focus script. Not local? Email us your goals and we will send you a customized kit, shipping on the house!

$55 $55 · 30 minutes

Portfolio Assessment for Gallery Representation & Selection

LVF.LVX Gallery is now taking appointments for one-on one portfolio reviews for representation. We will selectively choose the works, appraise and price your pieces, and include information for work on display. A purchase does not guarantee selection or placement in an exhibition. Selections are based on originality, quality, aesthetic, and theme-relevance. By purchasing, you agree to our terms and conditions at

$35.00 $35 · 50 minutes

Private Tour with Artist LVF - I. Social Distance, Exhibition

Social Distancing is required from us at this time in our lives. Now more than ever, we must adapt to rapid and continuous change. In an effort to keep the spirit of art alive, LVF.LVX Gallery is hosting a two part series exhibition— a satirical, yet in-depth social commentary of the global pandemic in reflection of the world’s current state and of our duality— I. Social Distance. The ‘Part I. Social Distance’ Exhibition is available online as a virtual tour and by appointment only, $10.00 per person with groups of up to 5. We ask that our audience be mindful of sanitation and social distancing during the tour.

10.00 $10 · 30 minutes