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Home Theater Service

Audio systems are a must have, be it for your homes or offices. IoT technology has made it super convenient and extremely easy to have a complete surround sound system, ambient audio, or even elaborate PA system audio controls right at your fingertips! Just think how nice it’d be if you could have a smart audio system at home that operates on voice commands or only at the press of a button on your smartphone! Or how about having a dedicated PA-VA system in your commercial space that could be programmed easily to broadcast announcements at predetermined schedules? Well, that’d make your work a lot more streamlined, isn’t it!

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Technician Assist

VBE Technologies have stepped into this space of taking the technological advancements to every household and introduce Internet of things (IoT) as a part of everyday life and thus enhancing the lifestyle. We bring automation services, smart security services and much more to the table.

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Smart Home basic Install

Installing a single wifi or z-wave device

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