**PLEASE READ** Dear beloved clients, Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, I am conducting phone and video call appointments only and will continue this way indefinitely. The [OFFICE, IN-PERSON] location option has been disabled in order to avoid any confusion. I assure you that we can do everything at a distance that we do in-person, though I understand that some of you prefer the feel of meeting in-person. On the quantum level, however, we are connected energetically no matter where we are, so energy work, readings, intuitive counseling, and nutritional advice are unhampered by distance. If we have been working together, I encourage you to continue the process. If we have not worked together before and you are considering working with me, I look forward to meeting you virtually very soon. We are blessed to have the ability to still be able to connect via technology! This also allows me to serve more and more people from around the world. If meeting in-person feels especially important to you and you are in the Bay Area, you can reach out to me directly to discuss setting up an appropriately distanced and masked outdoor session. Please be aware that this will incur an extra cost at this time since I would be going out of my way to accommodate your request. The work I do is especially supportive, comforting, and grounding during times like these, and I am honored to be of service. Thank you and I look forward to connecting with you soon! Much Love, Ankke

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