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Scalp Management Consultation 頭皮管理-----------
SKA 獨家頭皮管理項目,諮詢會使用專業顯微鏡測試頭皮狀況。 頭皮管理師會針對:頭皮干癢,發炎,掉髮去進行改善。 SKA exclusive treatment, a digital microscope will be used at consultation to examine scalp situation, to determine scalp infection, cleansing, and hair lose management.
SKA Exclusive Scalp Management
Selection this option when you are not sure what service you need.
Scalp deep cleansing 頭皮清潔排毒管理
SKA頭皮清潔排毒管理第一步就是芳香水精油放鬆頭皮,再適度軟化角質和吸附油脂,不讓薄如紙的頭皮表皮過度去角質而導致敏感。第二步是芳香水療舒壓,SKA使用日本Milbon purifying gel 和獨家配製的精華有效去除脂肪酸堆積物和去除頭皮的毒素,但同時不會給頭皮造成壓力,並且混合舒缓薄荷醇,保湿透明质酸和甘草衍生的甘草酸二钾恢復頭皮健康態。 第三步是头皮和头发的轻量保湿护理补充必需的水分和油脂。第四步頭皮補水納米注氧,无重力的舒缓保湿霜深层滋润和滋养头皮。 透明质酸的水合作用通过10种活力的植物提取物加强,促进健康的头皮平衡。
Scalp PH Balance 頭皮PH 平衡管理
頭皮PH平衡管理第一步是芳香水精油薰衣草放鬆頭皮,再適度軟化角質。第二步是芳香水療舒壓,先使用富含抗氧化成分和舒缓植物成分的Milbon Plarmia透明水疗泡沫头皮洗发水,可以選擇性的專注頭皮區域性的淨化,溫和去除頭皮皮屑的堆積。再使用Milbon Plarmia保湿平衡头皮洗发水配方可清洁和滋润干燥敏感的头皮,不会剥离必需的水分和脂质。第三步是芳香水療使用Milbon Plarmia保湿平衡头皮护理配方可滋润和滋润干燥敏感的头皮。第四步納米滋潤頭皮注氧,也是最關鍵的一步。 很多頭皮ph 不平衡都歸根到底都是嚴重缺水而導致過度出油。
Scalp Anti-Inflammatory 頭皮消炎管理
頭皮PH平衡管理第一步是芳香水精油薰衣草放鬆頭皮,再適度軟化角質。第二步是芳香水療舒壓,先使用富含抗氧化成分和舒缓植物成分的Milbon Plarmia透明水疗泡沫头皮洗发水,可以選擇性的專注頭皮區域性的淨化,溫和去除頭皮皮屑的堆積。再使用Milbon Plarmia保湿平衡头皮洗发水配方可清洁和滋润干燥敏感的头皮,不会剥离必需的水分和脂质。第三步是芳香水療使用Milbon Plarmia保湿平衡头皮护理配方可滋润和滋润干燥敏感的头皮。第四步納米滋潤頭皮注氧,也是最關鍵的一步。 很多頭皮ph 不平衡都歸根到底都是嚴重缺水而導致過度出油。
Hair Consultation 頭髮諮詢-----------
Bang Trim 手殘別剪,為難你劉海
Men hair Cut 帥哥剪
Women hair Cut 女神剪
Lux Men Hair Cut 超級帥剪
Lux Women Hair Cut 仙女剪
Premium haircut by our senior stylist.
Nano hair treatment 納米頭髮保濕護理
Perfect for dry hair and damaged hair
Nano Shiseido Treatment 資生堂納米護理
Nano Milbon Hair Treatment 氣死前男友納米護理
Lux smoothie hair treatment 爆炸頭順滑護理
For frizz hair and dry hair
Keratin Nano Treatment 巴西納米護理
Keratin hair treatment uses proteins to smooth the hair cuticle and create straighter, shinier hair. The protein keratin is naturally found in human hair, and keratin treatments are aimed at restoring this protein to frizzy, curly or damaged hair, enhanced with our exclusive nano technology to give extra absorption.
Wash & Blow & Styling 造型吹
Curl&Go 卷了走
Work with dry hair, hot curling tool, curl and go
Bang Perm 燙瀏海
Bang perm is a cold perm, give bangs a curly look, it usuall last 30-45 days.
Root Perm 韓式泡泡氣墊髮根燙
Add extra lift at the root area, usually last about 30 days as new roots will grow out about 5mm.
Hair perm 冷燙
Cold perms are usually better fit for short hair, will not last as long as hot perms, and less damaging. Service usually requires hair cut for better result. Price varies based on hair length Short $120 Medium $160 Long $180
Digital Perm + Haircut 造型燙 + 剪
Digital perm gives a long and think hair wavy stylish look, usually can last up to 6+ months. A digital perm is perm that uses hot rods with temperature regulated by machine with digital display. Solution and heat will apply for this process.
Straightening 日式直髮
Price varies based on hair length Neck Length $230 Shoulder Length $280 Chest Length $330 Waist Length $380
Foil Highlight 挑染
Price varies based on hair length Short $240 Medium $280 Long $320 Half highlight Short $160 Medium $180 Long $230 The highlight is including toning not single color
Hair color (single)染髮
Single process hair color without de-colorized or bleaching Price varies based on hair length and density Above Ears $80 Neck $120 Shoulder $160 Chest $180 Waist $220 Thick Plus $20
Root Color 髮根染
Touch up colors on the root area 1-2 inches $80 3-4 inches $120 No retouch over 5 inches
SKA Balayage 歐美漸變色
This is a 5 hours plus process appointment must be booked before 2pm Price varies based on hair length Short $250 Medium to long $300 - $380
one process add on 褪色/漂一次
One process de-colorize add on, in another word Bleaching, this process usually applies before fashion color. Price varies based on hair length Ears $60, Neck length $80, Shoulder $100, Chest $120, Waist $160 Add $20 for extra thick
two process add on 褪色/漂兩次
Two process de-colorize add on, in another word Bleaching, this process usually applies before fashion color. Price varies based on hair length Ears $100, Neck length $150, Shoulder $180, Chest $210, Waist $240 Add $20 for extra thick
Three process add on 褪色/漂三次
Price varies based on hair length Ears $150, Neck length $200, Shoulder $250, Chest $300, Waist $350 Add $20 for extra thick
Color Correction 改色
Color correction for un-evened dye, multi-color correction. Price varies from $150-550, based on the hair condition, it range from 4-8 hours Price varies based on hair length and condition Ears $150-$300, Neck length $200-$400, Shoulder $250-$450, Chest $300-$500, Waist $350-550 改色價格是看長度,情況來決定 一般染過黑色,紅色 漂色後退色髮根 或者做對色系 最好找客服或者髮型師諮詢 價格$150-550 4-8小時
Hair Retouch 頭髮補色
Toner add shine 沐浴光澤染
Toning 沐浴染髮 ,舊客戶
Retoning only to bleached hair 是限制在頭髮漂過的
Bridal Consultation 新娘諮詢-------------------
Make up仙女妝
Up-do 仙女造型
Bridal Makeup Trial 新娘試妝
Bridal Hair Trial 新娘試造型
Skin Care Consultation 皮膚護理專業諮詢----------------
Estheticians provide skin care services in salon, spa, retail. Their job is to enhance the quality of skin through services such as facials, color analysis, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, hair removal, etc.
PACKAGE 舊客戶療程卡
預約限制2017-2018 年的客戶療程卡 預約請註明療程的項目
WAXING 1-1 蜜蠟脫毛1
WAXING 1-2 蜜蠟脫毛2
FULL FACE $95 FULL NECK $20. CHEST $35 +. STOMACH $30+. FULL /HALF ARMS $40/$30 +. FULL/HALF LEG $55/$40 +. UNDERARMS $25. BIKINI $38 BUTTOCK $30.
Back Facial
Hand Care手部超級滋潤米白
Oxygen Skin Care 無針水光活氧煥膚痘痘肌
痘痘肌革命,微針重組細胞,修復祛痘,修復敏感,收縮毛孔 Five-step treatment begins with a thorough cleansing of the skin followed by a chemical peel to eliminate dead skin cells, which are suffocating the skin. A unique Oxygen Complex penetrates into the skin by a relaxing effleurage massage to invigorate the skin and restore its radiance.
Vitamin C SPA 維C海洋溫泉煥膚
搶救極度乾燥缺水肌膚,海洋精華美白祛斑,防止乾紋細紋 All the benefits of the sea will be offered to your skin, with the application of Seaweed Patches. Your skin will be caressed and your senses exalted with essences reminiscent of delicate orange blossoms, as the patches are activated with a continuous massage of the activating lotion, dissolving them and infusing the skin. This rejuvenating treatment visibly improves the skin's elasticity, leaving it looking rejuvenated and feeling soft and supple.
Younger 90-II 童顏 90-II
強效滋潤,改善膚色,改善細紋,使用骨膠原達到抗老 This exclusive, highly acclaimed, intensely rejuvenating treatment dramatically reduces visible lines and wrinkles. The treatment concludes with an application of the velvety Vitality Cream, leaving your skin feeling as silky and smooth as it looks.
Paris lifting 巴黎精緻提拉術煥膚
創新和非皮膚真層護理,超補水膠原,超聲波按摩導入肌膚 The hydro-energizing gel, with its pleasing refreshing scent, is skillfully massaged into the skin, allowing a respite from your hectic day. The algae pellicles are applied, activated then covered with a thermic sheet carrying you into a dream like state.
German Collagen 天鵝絨年輕態煥膚
Hydration properties of collagen treatment is especially beneficial for dry, sensitive, irritation-prone, and aging skin. It improves the absorption of addition active ingredients through occlusion. Regular use of collagen fiber ,ask helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, calm and sooth irritation, restore skin vitality, and leave the skin feel supple, softer, and younger.
SKA Skin Management 皮膚管理項目--------------
*Select this option if you are not sure. An esthetician will advice when you arrive. *Selection Includes A, B, C Options 選擇方法: A: 清潔肌膚必須按項目 B :問題肌膚針對性解決方案 (非單項) C :局部肌膚管理 (非單項)
SKA Bubble Basic Cleansing 小氣泡皮膚基礎清潔
Option 選項 A This facial comes with ultra-micro bubbles formed by the vacuum pressure vacuum circuit where the bubbles and nutrient serums are fully integrated and applied directly on skin. In the state of comfort with no pain, get rid of your aging keratinocytes, eliminate sebum, and completely remove all kinds of mites, grease residues and impurities in the follicle funnel department. Meanwhile, filled your skin with nourish micro-bubbles to provide a long-lasting, moist, and shiny look. Great for: Sensitive skin with tiny pores
SKA Bubble Extra Cleansing 小氣泡皮膚深層清潔
Option 選項 A Deep hydration, replenish EFAs, rapid repair for epidermis, resist with damaged aging skin, promote skin cell renewal, eliminate skin dullness, whiten and brighten your skin tone, shrink pores, smooth skin texture, soothing sensitivity, repair after-sun damages, assist to perform deep cleanse along with ultra- micro bubbles. This facial contains all-in-1 masking which is an essential fix for black-pores, closed pores, fine lines, and dullness. Great for: Skins with thick cuticles, closed-pores, black-pores, or other pore concerns
Whitening hydration management 美白補水管理
Option 選項 B Hydrate your skin, defeat melanin, clear free-radicals and brighten skin tone, against oxidation, keep up your youthful look. Repair damaged collagen, receive firmer and healthier skin. Calm and soothe sensitivity. Pair with all-in-1 masking to give your efficient whitening result. Great for: All skins
Anti-wrinkle anti-aging skin management 抗皺逆齡護膚管理
Option 選項 B Maximize treatment to keep your skin moisturized; deep hydration, brighten your skin tone, firmer texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Defeat melanin, brighten skin tone, lighten dark spots and dark circles, shrink pores, reduce acnes, rapid repair for epidermis, soothe sensitivity and inflammation. This facial is aimed to give back your smooth skin. Great for: All skins
After-Sun Repair 曬後修復管理
Option 選項 B Receive fullest nutrient for your skin cell mitochondria to defeat free-cell’s oxidation. Repair damaged cells and collagen, boost basal layer to reduce melanin, make your skin bright and smooth again. Fix Acellular Collagen Matrix, improve skin brightness, soothe after-sun sensitivity and unstable skin conditions. Great for: Overexposed skin damaged skin, regular after-sun treatment for all skins
Water & Oil Balance Management 水油平衡調節管理
Option 選項 B Balance skin
Freckle – pigment metabolism 省斑管理法:濕潤與色素代謝法
Option 選項 B Whitening booster
Melasma – Pigment Metabolism Barrier Repair 表皮屏障修復法
Option 選項 B 1. Apply pure collagen serum 2. Apply all-in-1 whitening mask with vitamin C booster 3. Once per week is suggested, until stronger epidermis barrier is established 4. Pair with advanced 5GF skin compounding extract as daily self-home treatment to accelerate skin regeneration
Acne Skin Rejuvenation Management 痘肌萬能膜煥膚管理法
Option 選項 B 1. Apply 24k gold toner to calm the inflammation 2. Apply all-in-1 whitening mask with vitamin C booster; reduce acnes and pimples, nourish and accelerate skin regeneration. 3. Optional add-on: Collagen recovering mask, further reduce the chance of repeated acne Great for: Acne skins, pimple concerns of red and bumpy acnes
Eye Management 眼週管理套
Option 選項 C Maximize the moisture around your eye-area. Coordinate with radio wave Bio to repair and regenerate skin cells.
Advanced Eye Management 高級眼部管理
Option 選項 C Improve firmness and skin elasticity, against wrinkles, anti-aging, clear free-radical, defeat melanin, brighten skin tone, enhance blood circulation in eye area. Correct dark circles with our warm, hydra collagen eye mask for a full relaxation.
Neck Management頸部管理套
Option 選項 C Maximize the moisture of your neck. Ultra skin-penetration to hydrate neck skin from deep down; improve skin cells’ self-regeneration.
Advanced Neck Management 高級頸部管理
Option 選項 C Say NO to Turkey Neck! Hydrate and receive collagens through ultrasonic technique. Activate skin cells to defeat free-radical from oxidation and aging. Reduce wrinkles and reveal your neck with firmer and smoother new look.
Eyelashes Consultation 睫毛接種諮詢-----------------
Eyelash Extension 禪絲蛋白睫毛接種
Eyelashes refill 補睫毛
Eyelashes extension from SKA 1ST week fill FREE 2ND weeks refill $59 after 1ST REFILL 3RD weeks refill $89 after 2ND REFILL Non SKA refill from $69-109
Eyelashes remove 卸睫毛
remove lashes $39. remove add on $19 (vip only).
Eyelashes Perm 烫睫毛
Eyelashes Lifting 角蛋白翹睫術 (Japan Style)

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