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$30 Waxing

Waxing using Hardwax for Nose, Ears, Moustache, Beard, Eyebrows, ( the price can be up by depending how much hardwax you need if you choose to get all done

Price Varies $30 · 30 minutes

$80 TopSpecial Haircut + beard trim or Shave

Haircut, beard trim or shave shampoo after all this is done, hot towel with 1min massage using top technology massage machine that helps to relax your neck and back and keeps it so clean

$80 · 1 hour 20 minutes

$50 Beard Trim or Shave

Beard trim or Shave, Straight Razor Fresh Hot Towel, Beard Balm , Butter, Oil ) (Optional) After Shave Straight Razor

Price Varies $50 · 45 minutes

$60 FreshHaircut!

Haircut, Fade, Shampoo after hair is done and a very nice hot towel with 1min massage

Price Varies $60 · 1 hour 5 minutes

$70 Gods Hot Shave

High quality shaving cream and Shaving gel, 2 Hot towels, 1min massage with a new technology massage machine) after Shave Disappearing Menthol Cream this is a full shave. (not a haircut or beard trim)

Price Varies $70 · 1 hour 5 minutes


Erik Martinez