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Private Birthday Party

$195 for 1.5 hr party $250 for 2hr party $75 deposit TO SECURE YOUR SPOT! Our private parties include 1hr or 1.5 hr of activity and 30 minutes of party time for opening gifts, cake and food. We encourage you to use some flair and decorate the party area with a theme of your choice. Ninja Party - A good overview of ninja obstacles and play ninja inspired games. Nerf Party- is all NERF activities for one hour all equipment provided. Hybrid Party- A combination of Ninja Warrior and NERF, this party can only be booked as a 2 hour party splitting the activity with party area time. All parties are guided by 2 coaches at all time during the activity portion of the party, your only responsibility is bringing the cake and remembering a way to light the candles (but if you forget that we still have you covered) 270-266-4239 for more information!

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Ninja Coach