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PCA Therapeutic Ultra Sonic Treatment
This treatment uses an Ultrasonic SKin Scrubber that is a non invasive treatment that uses sound wave technology to penetrate below the skin surface to remove excess sebum, and dead skin cells. The therapeutic mask uses a papaya puree with additional fruit extracts to brighten a dull complexion. With an added bonus: A Hyaluronate Sheet Mask to plump and hydrate the skin and an ampouple that has natural AHA's plus BHA Willow Bark to help improve skin tone and texture, and to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
Vineyard Facial
Grapes and Marble Berries come together this spring in a unique anti-aging, antioxidant nourishing facial. Grape Juice and Wine Extract are enriched with the rare polyphenol, viniferin, derived from resveratrol to provide anti-aging preventative action while papain offers mild exfoliation. The sweet-smelling Grape Enzyme in this protocol looks and feels just like the inside of a grape. The Marble Berry Nourishing Mask will nourish and firm the skin, resulting in a beautiful, healthy glow. The Marble Berry mask is an antioxidant-rich mask to treat and hydrate the skin. It will be a great anti-aging, nourishing facial.
Sangria Swirl Facial
Grapes and Goji Berries blend in this sweet summertime facial to soften and hydrate skin. The sweet-smelling Grape Enzyme in this protocol looks and feels just like the inside of a grape. Grapes are rich in antioxidant polyphenols and offer anti-aging preventative benefits, while papain offers mild exfoliation.
One 60min CBD Facial
Two 60min CBD Facials over two visits
Mini Facial
When you’re short on time or your skin needs a quick boost between regular treatments chose the Mini Facial. A nice deep clean with Ultrasonic technology with a customized mask for you skin to make you look healthy and glowing when you leave!
Lash Lift
Everyone loves the elegance and flirtatiousness look of gorgeously curled lashes. This treatment instantly gives your lashes lift, separation and extra definition without the use of extensions or any harmful chemicals. Each treatment takes about 25-40 minutes from start to finish. Not only does the curl add a natural lift, curlier lashes also help mascara achieve a fuller look.
Basic Botanical Facial
Don't know what to get? Start here with the Basic facial. First, we will analyze, then cleanse the skin. We utilize ultrasonic technology along with powerful enzymes to loosen dead skin cells. Followed by a deeply soothing massage and extractions with purifying high frequency right after. A customized mask and hand picked antioxidant serums to benefit your specific skin type. With the finishing touches, we use Jade therapy to leave you nourished and radiant.
Teen Facial
Our teen skincare service is a combination of education and beauty, designed specifically for adolescent skin. Products will be chosen based on how we access each teen's needs. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation and massage, followed by gentle extractions, a chosen hydration mask and finishing products. Education on how to take care of one's skin and homecare advice will be given. For those 18 and under
CBD Facial
This relaxing CBD Facial includes a CBD cleanser for a nice calming, soothing cleanse, a very effective exfoliate to slough off dead skin cells with the added touch of the ultrasonic. A soothing calendula oil massage, following with a cool and calming masque to reduce inflammation. Hand picked serum with the added touch of a jade roller.
Spa Back Treatment
Includes everything you would expect from a regular facial, but designed for your back. Deep cleansing, stimulating yet deeply relaxing.
The Polish
This facial embraces the power of peptides with microdermabrasion action of polishing away the top dead layers of skin and suctioning out impurities, allowing new fresher skin cells to the surface. This mechanical exfoliation is non-invasive and has no downtime. The treatment visibly reduces signs of aging, evens out skin texture and reveals brighter, more glowing skin.
His Signature Treatment
Tailored for men’s unique skin, this facial is customized for instant results. Rehydrating and relaxing techniques to decongest pores and using proven products to calm redness and repair irritation caused by shaving.
PCA Chemical Peel
Peel away the signs of stress to reveal a more youthful, glowing appearance. This advanced, highly effective treatment uses chemical solutions to promote cell turnover. It safely removes damaged layers of skin to stimulate collagen and dramatically improve skin’s texture, leaving you with reduced acne and scarring, hyperpigmentation and agin signs with no downtime. **Discontinue use of Retin A or acids a week prior **Not to be performed on freshly waxed or sunburnt skin **Use SPF daily
The Advanced Botanical Facial
Enjoy this extended version of our Signature Botanical Facial, which includes an extended massage and peptide seaweed mask.
The MicroPeel
This treatment uses a combination of chemical and mechanical exfoliation, to dramatically brighten, smooth and clear the skin. Microdermabrasion is performed first, polishing the top layer of skin. Followed by a chemical peel, that is chosen for your skin.
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