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1. FREE Inspection (any service)

Using our GoPro/tablet link, our clients can "see through the eyes of our technicians" and watch along as the entire inspection is being performed LIVE... all from the comfort of their own living room or office. Once a thorough inspection has been completed, our technicians will present any solutions they are able to provide.

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2. Pest Prevention & Maintenance

Target Pests: spiders, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, ear wigs, mice, etc. All services come with a "web-free" guarantee (90 days for quarterly service or 30 days for monthly service) plus free reservices, if needed, for 90/30 days from the date of service. *Contact us for business/commercial pricing.

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3. Mosquito/Fire Ant Reduction

This service is performed outside-only and is for reducing the number of mosquitoes and/or fire ants outside homes/businesses. Prices for services begin at $65.00 and may vary depending on the size of the area treated. *Prices may vary depending on the size of treatment area.

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