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Get a live time conversation with Libby & Ashley for deeper understanding of your business needs and how we offer clarity & soul aligned growth. You will receive a Zoom link for the conference call once a time is scheduled.

Free · 30 minutes

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Align your passion & your purpose. The wisdom of astrology can shine a light on your market, your messaging, and your timing. Combining this information with traditional business planning and marketing strategies can help you stay on your highest path while launching a new business. . . INCLUDES: Customized 1/2 Day Workshop: Birth chart for the business owner & dialogue Birth chart for the business Development of a 1-2 year business plan Embedded plan for measuring success $2,222 and are adjusted based on specific needs

$440 · 5 hours

Deposit for Team Building Package

Build understanding, connection, and effectiveness. Whether your team dynamics are a challenge or you are just looking to level-up your performance, our approach will provide new insights and a road map for success. We can incorporate breathwork, meditation, group intention setting, and other activities designed to build compassion and connection. . . INCLUDES: Customized 1/2 Day Workshop: Birth chart for each team member Synastry analysis for the full team to understand interactions Dialogue about gifts & challenges of group Tailored activities to address group needs Maintenance plan for integrating new ways of being For Teams 5 or less $3,131

$800 · 5 hours

Deposit for Strategic Planning Package

Driven by your mission and the Universe. Strategic planning can seem like an overwhelming task and is often neglected. Combining astrology with a more traditional planning framework can bring a fresh perspective to the process. Ensure that your strategic plan is both in alignment with your highest path and the timing of your planned activities are synchronized with the energy of the Universe. . . INCLUDES: Birth charts for key leaders in the organization Birth chart for the business Facilitated strategic planning sessions Development of a 5 year strategic plan Development of Mission, Vision, Values statement if needed Embedded plan for measuring success $5,552 and are adjusted based on size of organization

$800 · 5 hours

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$800 · 5 hours

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