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Ear Candling

Ear candling involves placing a hollow candle in the external auditory canal; Ear candles are hollow cone candles made of wax-covered fabric. The pointed end is placed in your ear while the other end is lit. The warm “suction” is believed to remove earwax, improve hearing, and treat conditions like sinus infections and colds. Western Civilization wants you to believe that alternative healing modalities do not work; they're afraid holistic healers will make them extinct soon. :) price includes a travel fee, if you'd like an in-depth analysis of your results and are interested in creating a healthy lifestyle plan add a consultation with Vegan Queen for $30 (total $50)

$20 · 1 hour

Community Service

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Mobile Notary

Price includes a 15-mile radius of Atlanta, please TEXT 4702426437 to confirm pricing for additional areas. $25 includes two stamps/seals $50 for up to five Contract & Bulk Pricing Available

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Ionic Foot Detox

This power is the electromagnetic strength that is kept inside the body and exploited by our cells. The Ionic Detox Foot Bath is essentially used to raise energy (both mental and physical), strength and energies, at the same time, it emetics the body of chemicals, toxins, pollution, radiation, synthetics, and other foreign resources entombed in the matters of the body that delays the body’s self-cleansing device. By removing toxins from our body we are perfectly balanced in our body functions. How does the Ionic Foot Detox work? While dipping your feet in the foot vessel, a series of times negative and positive ions that the method produces, re-conditions refreshes and synchronizes the body’s usual ionic flow. And through this process, your body can detox safely and at its own pace by assembling remains and surplus stored within the body. Basically, this detoxification occurs mostly after the treatment and is probable to take place via the organs of cleansing i.e. the liver, kidneys, and skin. The Process You don’t feel uncomfortable while doing this treatment. The complete procedures will take 30 minutes and its completely safe procedures. But it’s always better to consult with a doctor before taking this treatment. During this treatment, the color of the water will change. There are several reasons for changing this color. When this procedure starts it makes an electrolytic flow within the warm water, and the elements that are present in the water, such as chlorine, salt, and magnesium, copper etc. will influence color change. And for this reason, the color of the water will change and it depends on person to person and treatment to treatment. Benefits The ionic method of washing through our feet delivers a complete body emetic of all vital organs, ensuing in reduced menstrual cramps, menopause symptoms, sexual health problems, acne, skin problems, restlessness, sleep problems, wrinkles, stress, and yeast infections

$40 · 30 minutes


#MakeACHAiNGE and purchase your Herbal Pads/Liners and At-Home Steaming Herbs on! Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal hydrotherapy or womb sauna experience, is an ancient AFRAKAN healing modality that uses the heat from herbal steam to lightly permeate the woman’s vagina (labia minora and majora) and allow detoxification. This Ancient AFRAKAN healing modality has been practiced around the world for centuries. It allows a woman the chance to reconnect with her body and use plant medicine to improve her menstrual cycle and to regulate various health issues. Please HYDRATE before during & after your sessions!! It is not necessary for you to shower off the herbal sweat (it's a good one)!! 💥 Sunni'Steams include: 💥 a Womb & Energy Consultation a Body Movement & Breathing Exercise Sacred Wombman Affirmations a NuBeginnings Starter Plan ADD the Ionic Foot Detox for ONLY $5 (normally $40) ADD a 2 oz. at home blend for $10 (normally $13) ADD a Herbal Pad Set for $20 Get your complete Detox services with aftercare items all for $125 !! Become a Sunni'Steamer and get your monthly services and aftercare items for ONLY $100 !! 💥 Please text any questions to 4702426437 💥 Cancellations or reschedules must be received 24 hours prior to an appointment for refund. 💥 Intake Registration 💥 Your registration should be complete before your appointment. 👉🏾 💥 LOCAL SPECIALS (Roanoke, VA & Atlanta, GA) ONLY 💥 SiStar Sundaze: 2 Simple Steams for $100 Me, Myself & Eye Mondaze: 1 Queen Steam with 2 Free Add In’s for $60 Tribe Thursdaze: 2 Steams & 2 Detoxes for $175 $50 Fridaze: All Day Long

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Healing Detox Combo

Ionic Foot Detox & Yoni Steam Combo see more details on their individual pages. Save MORE when you book for 2.

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