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Keep Going Don't Stop Fitness and Wellness Coaching

Coach Jay offers this awesome 1 on 1 coaching experience for youth, men, and women who want to get lean, gain muscle and learn how to stay fit for a lifetime. Coach Jay will coach you on how to overcome the biggest barriers to your success. A customized plan that works for your body and adjusts with your schedule. And the peace of mind that you're doing the right things to get the best results. Through phone/online fitness and nutrition coaching with optional in-person training sessions, Coach Jay will help you reach your goals in record time and feel great about your success!

Price Varies · 1 hour


Burnout is a real problem, and for pastors, it is a real threat to us, our family, our ministry, and our church. According to one study on why pastors leave the ministry, moral failure is only the second most common reason pastors leave the ministry. The first is burnout. Not only does Pastor J. Vinson offer Spiritual Life Coaching to Pastors experiencing Burn out, but he is also available as a Interim Preacher for Pastors that are taking their 1-2 Week Vacation. Interim Preaching Ministry Assignments must be booked six months in advance as Pastor Jay is the Lead Pastor or his own ministry and church. Therefore, whether you need one Sunday off every quarter or you need two weeks off each year, take time for Self-Care and contact Pastor/Coach J. Vinson today.

1 hour 30 minutes


Pastor Jay Vinson is a dynamic speaker filled with Revelation knowledge! Conference participants can expect an atmosphere of spirit-filled teaching and preaching in the presence of God for this inspiring and transforming keynote speaker. Conference Organizers may also request Pastor Jay to conduct breakout sessions as well. His expertise in Spiritual Life Coaching, Finding Your God-Given Purpose, Male empowerment, and Youth Ministry are just some of the topics he is available to cover.

1 hour 45 minutes


Pastor Jay Vinson is available to speak at your ministry event or church service on his book Pain to Purpose.

30 minutes

Speaking Engagement Agreement Form Request

The Speaking Engagement Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions whereby Jay Vinson agrees to provide the Speaking Services at the Event. Jay Vinson will be engaged for the limited purpose of providing the Speaking Services. NOTE: Most ministry events are FREE WILL offerings however honorariums may require. In addition, travel, lodging, and meal compensation may be required for speaking engagements that are part of 1-3 day conferences or more than 2 hours away from our office. Choose this service to have one of our administrative staff to contact you and send you a Speaking Engagement Agreement Form. Your card will not be charged until you sign the agreement with the type of services desired.

Free · 15 minutes


As being a full time educator for 5 years as well as mentored and worked with the youth at the local YMCA as a Summer/After School Counselor. Coach Jay is a Certified transformational life coach and always had a passion of coaching individuals especially our young men who find it difficult to figure out what their true passion and purpose is on this earth. Coach Jay mission is to empower young men/student athletes to overcome any adversity, pain, and provide practical tools that will educate them to finding their life-long purpose beyond athletics. This will be a 3 months before school program held on campus and virtually for those parents who may not feel comfortable with in person due to COVID-19.

45 minutes

Stepping Into Greatness Book Tour

Pastor Jay Vinson is available to speak at your ministry event or church service in person or virtually due to COVID-19 on latest book Stepping Into Greatness.

30 minutes


As an empowerment speaker, Certified Coach Jay Vinson makes speeches that motivate and inspire youth audiences throughout the nation. And there are a lot of good empowerment speakers around the world, but there are few that just stand out like Coach J. Vinson. Coach Vinson's passion to empower youth to be all that they can be, to stay away from drugs, gangs, and violence, as well as to end chronic disease in youths by promoting health and wellness to create a healthier and happier lifestyle for youth and their families. ( Travel and Lodging Expenses are additional and not included in speaking fee)

Price Varies $400 · 1 hour 10 minutes


Coach Jay is a Certified Fitness and Wellness Coach, Certified Life Coach, and a member of the FDIC Smart Money Alliance and offers financial literacy workshops to college students throughout the year. Coach Jay specifically understands the demanding needs of someone who has dedicated their life to a sport and will support them along their journey of reaching their goals and their full potential.

Price Varies $600 · 1 hour

High school Athletics Motivational Speaking

Coach Jay Vinson specifically understands the demanding needs of someone who has dedicated their life to a sport and will support them along their journey of reaching their goals and their full potential. Athletes could benefit from having both sports and life coaching support and sometimes, private skills coaches can serve that function nicely and I highly recommend them. Athletes – -bottom line: the more support, accountability, and skills training you can add to your desire and passion to achieve.

Price Varies · 1 hour


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