B.A.D. Blessed, Anointed & Destined

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To help women walk in their purpose given to them by God. Mission: To set forth, globally, the resources under the B.A.D. umbrella to women entrepreneurs of faith; this is accomplished through online meetings, teleconferences, self-study course and one-on-one coaching.
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Our Services

B.A.D. One
Min 2 Hour one-on-one counseling sessions for women helping to define the trouble, the drama, and then the answers. At the end of these two hours we will discover what you can do (if you do not want to continue with the sessions), or what we can do (continuous counseling).
Iron Sharpens Iron: Group Sessions
These sessions are for four weeks. Each month has a theme. You can register for all four months of you can register for what theme resonates most with you. These are meant to help you see where you are and let you know you are not alone. Worksheets, homework, interaction and more will help you get through these sessions. Themes: A New You (January) My History (March) Summer Dreams (May)
Interior Decorating/Design
In home/office consultation for design ideas and extent of work (demo, color concepts, carpentry, electric, plumbing, etc). Follow up personalized report of costs, material examples, and duration of project. 2-4hours with 2 hour minimum ($160 per hour) Fee is set at 2 hour minimum. Consultation could take up to four hours.

Our Staff

Dana Williamson