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Exterior Car Wash $25.95

100% Hand Wash Exterior Window Cleaning Wheel Bright & Armor all Lava Foam Extra Shine NO SAP REMOVAL Due to Covid-19 Health Crisis We Offer Contactless Exterior Car Wash (Drivers Must Remain in the Vehicle)

$25.95 · 5 minutes

PermaSAFE Vehicle Disinfection & Antimicrobial Treatment

Vehicle Disinfection & Long Term Antimicrobial Protection Treatment (Includes Exterior Car Wash & Vacuum) Step 1: PermaSAFE Cleaner, Disinfectant, & Sanitizer Step 2: Antimicrobial Surface Protection EPA Approved: Child Safe, Pet Safe, Non-Toxic Please Remove Personal Belongings Prior to Arrival

$195.95 · 35 minutes

Works Car Wash $35.95

Exterior Hand Wash Wheel Bright & Armor All Lava Foam for Extra Shine Customers Can Vacuum their own Vehicles Car Wash Staff Can Vacuum Upon Request

$35.95 · 15 minutes

Carnauba Paste Wax $95.95

Carnauba Wax Protects Vehicle from UV Rays, Heat, Moisture, Oxidation, and Environmental Contamination Works Car Wash & Interior Vacuum Included NO SAP REMOVAL

$95.95 · 45 minutes


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