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Our Services

New Client Luxe Package
Is your hair stressed out? If you haven't given your hair the attention it needs, this is for you. Stylist starts with in-depth consultation to create a hair regimen to promote growth. Olaplex treatment seeks out broken disulfide bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical over processing, heat, or mechanical damage. Ultimate breakage insurance. Great especially after weaves, braids and color. Dramatically improves hair health, texture, strength. Includes style and trim.
Short Hair Styling
Transformation Hair Cut
ADD-On service for complete makeup look including layering, pixies, bobs, etc
Traditional Sew-In
DOES NOT INCLUDE HAIR. Hair is shampooed and blowdried, and braided for foundation. Minimal hair is left out for coverage and versatility of style. Price may vary depending on how many bundles and length. If you would like your hair included in your install, please contact 540-993-1111 to arrange with stylist.
Micro-Ring(Bead) Extensions
Tape-In Extensions
Weave Maintenance
Wash and style for your previously installed extensions
Per Row Extensions
"Detoxify Me" Hair Package + Trim
For clients who experience dry, itchy, flaky scalp. Intense detoxifying shampoo to remove water impurities, medication, and buildup. Followed by antiseptic scalp cleanse to remove bacteria, oregano therapy shampoo, steam treatment, and style.
Healthy Hair Maintenance
for clients seen on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Prescribed treatment by stylist to maintain your current hair regimen. High-performance, rich and creamy deep conditioner formulated for fine, medium, thick, dry hair. Hydrates and conditions while dramatically improving hair's texture, elasticity, shine. Mist steam treatment, style and trim
Silk Press
Ideal for Natural or relaxed hair. Flat iron style that seals in moisture to prevent reversion. Special blend of conditioners used to add moisture to hair for optimal results. Price may vary depending upon length and density
Silk Press + Trim
removal of split ends. Anything over 1 1/2 inches will be considered a haircut reshape.
Signature Blowout (round brush)
Blowout service using a round brush for ultimate smoothing. no flat iron used
Protective Style Prep
DOES NOT include flat iron; wash and blow-dry only. For clients who are about to enter into weaves or braids. Service used to prevent damage and help retain moisture while in your style. Hydrating steam treatment and trim
Protective Style Recovery Package
Ideal for clients who wish to remove an existing weave or crochet. Includes weave take-down ( no individual braids), Olaplex treatment, style, trim
Perm Rod/Flexi-Rod Set
Express Smoothing Blowout
Get your best blowout yet! This renovating smoothing masque treatment strengthens & increases vibrancy of color, natural, or chemically treated hair. Restores essential keratin for strong, smooth , healthy hair. Protects against frizz and humidity, cuts drying time, and makes hair more manageable.
selection of curl products based upon your hair and its needs for the best curl definition. Hair is set under a dryer to lock in your natural curl definition.
Botox Hair Repair System
FORMALDEHYDE FREE smoothing treatment designed to transform frizzy, unmanageable, weak hair into long lasting smooth, sleek, shiny hair. Collagen and Keratin are released into the hair fibers completely restoring and healing the hair and scalp. Mends the cuticle for less breakage and humidity blocking. Safe for color treated/relaxed hair.
Hair Consultation
Stylist will address any hair concerns, questions you may have and provide suggestions based upon need. This is for clients who DO NOT intend to get a service but ONLY want hair advice. $50 for virutal consults for distant clients.
Spa Hair Facial + Trim
Invigorating polish gently removes impurities from hair and scalp. Sugar crystals melt into the hair removing buildup from root to ends, leaving hair feeling nourished and full of shine. Includes style
Root Color Retouch + Treatment + Style
Pre-Existing color is touched up with the same color pigment.
Color Consultation
We offer numerous coloring techniques. All new coloring clients MUST book a color consultation to ensure that you are an eligible candidate for color. Stylist will discuss hair history, health, lifestyle and more. We love to see your ideas, so please bring pictures if you have a desired style in mind. A Strand and patch test will be performed if necessary.
Wands Curls
Stylist will select from 4 different barrels to achieve desired curl. Includes shampoo and condition.
Wash-N-Go + Cut Reshape
If you have never had your hair cut for the desired look of your wash - n- go. Proper selection of products based upon hair texture. Curls are carefully defined and accentuated
Wash/Blow Dry ONLY
Does NOT include flat iron: cleanse and condition with blow-dry. Ideal for clients prepping for protective style or just want to ensure their hair is maintaining cleanliness.
Special Occasion Updo
Relaxer Touch-up + Treatment + Trim
includes style
Full Virgin Relaxer + Treatment
root to tip relaxer
Cut Reshape + Style
Ideal for reshaping existing haircut that may have grown out or removal of excessive split ends
Transformation Cut + Style
Complete haircut makeover to make your hair standout! Includes layering, pixie, bobs, etc
Aromatherapy Steam Treatment
destress and indulge your senses with a choice of 6 Essential oils to awaken your senses and add nutrition to your tresses. Can be customized to target desired needs : Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Peppermint. 100% Pure oils; no fillers, barriers, or additives.
Hair Creme Bath
Blend of 17 essential oils used to target common problematic areas will be used in hot oil treatment prior to shampoo, paired with moisture replenish steam therapy
Hot Oil Growth Treatment
Blend of 17 essential oils penetrate hair and scalp to aid minor scalp conditions like dandruff and dryness, as well as brittle dry hair. Stimulates blood flow promoting hair growth.
Restorative Protein Treatment + Style + Trim
ultimate, highly reparative to the internal structure of the hair for weak and damaged hair by chemical treatments or heat styling. Reconstructs and infuses protein into the strands immediately reinforcing weakened areas, eliminating breakage
Demi-permanent Color + Style + Treatment
Mainly used for gray coverage
Full Permanent Color + Treatment + Style

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