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Libys Nails is small home based nail salon that can still pamper as well as the spa retreat. With a more one on one atmosphere you’ll have the salon experience with a added homey personable touch.
2:00 AM - 12:00 AM
2:00 AM - 12:00 AM
2:00 AM - 12:00 AM
2:00 AM - 12:00 AM
2:00 AM - 12:00 AM
2:00 AM - 12:00 AM
2:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Open today until 12:00 AM

Our Services

Fiberglass full set
Fiberglass starter extensiins
Fiberglass nail fill in
Fiberglass extensions fill in
Acrylic nails full set
Full set acrylic with any polish choice
Acrylic nails fill in
Get your nails filled with acrylic (this is after a first time visit of a acrylic set). Comes with any polish
Acrylic overlay full set
Acrylic overlay is when acrylic is laid over your natural nails. No tip
Acrylic nails overlay fill in
Fill in acrylic overlay and fix and breakers or lifting
Gel acrylic overlay
Gel overlay on your natural nails no tip
Gel overlay fill in
Fill in the gel overlay and fix any needed lifting or breaks
Gel acrylic nails full set
Gel acrylic full set nail extensions.
Gel acrylic fill in set
gel acrylic fill in on the first full set
Poly gel extensions
Artificial poppy gel nails with a form to build a nail
Poly gel fill in
Fill in the poly gel extensions
Nail art/designs
Nail art is done on the nails and toe nails. This is always a free service at Libys
Hot Stone Manicure
10 minute hand massage with hot stones included.
Mask Pedicure
10 minute foot massage, sugar scrub, and mud mask with hot towels.
Ultimate Pedicure
20 minute foot massage, sugar scrub, mud mask with hot towels, and paraffin wax dip.
Spa Pedicures
10 minute foot massage and sugar scrub
Hot Stone Pedicure
10 minute foot massage with hot stones included and sugar scrub
Ultimate Manicure
20 minute hand massage with hot stones and paraffin wax dip.
Toe nail extensions
This is added to any pedicure and cannot be a stand alone service. Whenever you have a bad toenail it is good to put an extension on so that the overall look of the pedicure is perfect.
Drive time
I have become mobile for some clients and all I ask is for some gas money to get home, however some people seem to want this service for free. This drive time is only applied when there is no tip given
Nail cut down
Cut nails down without any other service
Paraffin wax dip
This is done on the feet or the hands as an add-on to any service or by itself.
Hand massage
Hand message can be added to any service or e a stand alone service. This does not include any cuticle cleaning or nail polish.
Foot massage
This can be added to any service or as. Stand alone service. Does not include foot bath or any other pedicure elements
Hot stone massage
This is an add on to any service that includes massage service.
Nail Repair
Fix any broken nails . The price is $3 per nail if it is over 4 nails that need fixed then a fill will be done.
Regular polish change
Change polish on nails with regular polish
Gel nail polish change
Change polish on nails
Toe regular polish change
Change nail polish on toes
Toe gel polish change
Change gel nail polish on ties
Nail take off
This is just simply taking the old set of nails this is something done very 6 fills or months or the nails are just taken off and not reapplied

Our Staff

Elizabeth Sieminski

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