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Our Services

24K Gold Jelly Mask Add On
Add on a 24k gold jelly Mask for either your face or bikini area for added hydration and anti aging properties!
Women’s Brazilian Wax with Post Wax Recovery Mask
A Brazilian Wax with a post wax recovery jelly mask to help reduce ingrowns and inflammation. Perfect for vacations, weddings or if you have sensitive/ingrown prone skin
Women's Brazilian
Women's Full Bikini
As little or as much of the front bikini area *butt strip not included
Women's Bikini Line
Outside of the bikini bottom
Brow Shaping
Consultation and customized shaping
Brow Clean Up
For clients that already have their desired shape and just need the peach fuzz and stragglers removed for maintenance
Sideburns & Cheeks
Full Face
Includes hairline, eyebrows, sideburns, cheeks, upper lip, lower lip, chin, jawline, and inside of the nose
Inside of the nostrils
inside the ears and the ear lobes
Brow & Lip
Brow, Lip & Chin
Brow Tinting
Semi-permanent stain on the eyebrows to darken the hair and give the appearance of fuller, filled in brows
Brow Wax and Brow Tint
Lash Tinting
Semi-permanent stain on the eyelashes to darken them and reduce the need for mascara
Brow Wax and Tint
Brow Wax, Brow Tint and Lash Tint
Women's Half Arm (Upper)
From the elbow up, does not include shoulders
Women's Half Arm (Lower)
Includes elbow down, hands and fingers
Women's Full Arms
Includes hands and fingers, does not include shoulders
Hands & Fingers
Women's Shoulders
Follow the line around the crevice of the underarms
Women's Full Back
Does not include shoulders
Women's Half Back
Middle of the back up to neck line, does not include shoulders OR Middle of the back down to the top of the booty
Women's Lower Back
For that pesky little peach fuzz in the small of the back above the top of the booty
Women's Upper Leg
From the knee up, does not include bikini line
Women's Inner Thigh
Inner part of the thighs
Women's Lower Leg
From the knee down to the toes
Feet & Toes
Women's Butt Strip
In between the booty cheeks
Women's Full Butt
Includes the Butt Strip
Women’s Chest
Women’s Stomach
Women’s Stomach Strip
Men's Eyebrow Clean Up
Guys, your eyebrows don't need much, so let's just show them a little love with a nice trim and a little clean up around the edges
Men’s Full Arms
*does not include shoulders
Men's Half Arm (Upper)
From the elbows up, shoulders not included
Men's Half Arm (Lower)
From the elbow down and includes hands and fingers
Men’s Full Leg
Men's Shoulders
Men's Full Back
From the waist to the neckline Shoulders are not included
Men's Upper Back
Middle of the back to the neck line Shoulders are not included
Men's Lower Back
Middle of the back to the bottom of the waistline
Men's Chest
Stomach and Shoulders are not included
Men's Stomach
Chest not included
Men's Full Chest and Stomach
Shoulders are not included
Men's Neck
For the back of the neck, framing the hairline
Manual exfoliation treatment using a blade to remove dead skin and peach fuzz from the face.
Dermaplaning with a Jelly Mask
Dermaplaning service with a jelly mask that is applied after to help hydrate and brighten the freshly exfoliated skin.
Women's Brazilian Wax PACKAGE of 4
Women's Brazilian Waxing Package originally $200 for 4 Brazilians, $175 when you purchase up front
Brow Waxing PACKAGE of 4
Brow waxing package of 4 eyebrow waxes. Originally $60 for 4, SAVE $10
Buy 3 Get One Free Dermaplaning Package
Buy 3 Get One Free Intimate Lightening Package
Dermaplane Add On
Can be added onto a Skin Society 1 hr Facial or a Mini Facial

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