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Wholistic Yoni Steam Session (ONLINE)

This is a Wholistic Yoni Steaming Session. Includes: - A full Wholistic consultation to custom formulate your steam blend and to know where to guide healing - An oracle card reading - An energy cleanse and reset - Help and guidance to continue on with your path of healing

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Wholistic Reiki Session (DISTANCE)

Reiki is an ancient form healing brought to you by Ombrièl. During a Reiki session many tools are used for the cleansing and unblocking; but most importantly I’m just a guide for your healing session. There is a pre and post decision, you will receive a full cleanse. Reiki can be done locally and afar.

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Wholistic Reading & Channeling Session (ONLINE)

The cards that I work with are all Plant Based or of some sort healing. Take the time with Ombriel and allow the cards to speak for themselves. Receive an intuitive reading about any and all subjects. There is a pre and post discussion about the reading. You will receive some wholistic advice. You will also receive a full report of the reading along with a break down of yourself for your progression.

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Consultation (ONLINE)

- Free get to know me consultation. Ask me any questions about myself, my education, and my practices. Appointment can be in person or over the phone or video. - Your wholistic health consultation will discuss your current state of health, how your symptoms are impacting your life, and what you would most like to improve. Appointment can be in person or over the phone or video.

2 Options

Reiki Student Class

For students only who have paid and have been directed to schedule class.

Free · 2 hours

Wholistic Healing Meeting

For those only who have paid and have been directed to schedule meeting.

Free · 2 hours

Wholistic Healing Call

Free · 15 minutes


She started by just sharing her healing journey online to close friends and family, a few years later it was the main focus in both her personal and professional life. Inbetween, her company, was born. Ombriel is a Wholistic Healer who specializes in Reproductive Health. An attuned Reiki Master, Medicine Woman, and Shaman; it is important to fit her in a small box. She is gifted in many talents of divination and they are what are used to help her along the way. Ombriel’s main tool is Herbal Care which also allows her to be an amazing Green Thumb in the gardens. Education is extremely important to Ombriel, she is currently in studies to become a certified Meditation and Yoga Instructor. Next she’s going to continue and further her education in Reproductive Health to better assist her community. Above all Ombriel’s main focus is getting the education out to others by using her talents, gifts, arts, and essence.