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Our Services

Classic Lash Set
1:1 ratio to the natural lash One individual synthetic eyelash is applied to one natural lash to create a soft and natural appearance.
Silk Press
A silk press is a modern day press and curl that gives natural hair the look like it has been relaxed. This service is done with a flat iron. This non-chemical alternative is natural hair safe.
Bottom Lashes
Using individual eyelashes on your bottom lash line can open up your eyes and seriously enhance your smize. Most of us are focused on perfecting our upper eyelashes and forget about the impact those little lashes on the bottom can have.
Lash Model Special
ANY lash set for $45 when selected to be a Clovere Cosmetics model.
March Madness Microblading & Lash Bundle
ANY lash installation (Classic, Hybrid, or Volume) and Microblading or Microshading bundled together for $250. Must contact salon prior to scheduling for consultation.
Clean Minks Lash Sale (Full Set)
Clovere Cosmetics is still open for business and keeping clean! We are disinfecting after every client and making sure our environment is virus-free. Due to current circumstances we are giving back!! ALL Full Sets are $60 and Fill-ins are $40 for ALL Lash Installs INCLUDING VOLUME ❤️ Give us a call (678)489-1427 or schedule using our “Book” button!
Clean Minks Lash Sale (Fill-in)
Classic Lash Fill
(10-14 days since last appointment) Price varies based on lash fill conditions and amount of lashes needed to completely fill.
Hybrid Lash Set
This is a blending of both the Classic and Volume eyelash extension techniques. Volume fans and Classic eyelash extensions are intermixed to create a fuller lash line.
Hybrid Lash Fill
(10-14 days since last appointment) Price varies based on lash fill conditions and amount of lashes needed to completely fill.
Volume Lash Set
(3D,4D,5D lashes) Multiple lashes are applied to one single natural eyelash individually isolating one natural eyelash at a time giving a full dramatic look.
Volume Lash Fill
(10-14 days since last appointment) Price varies based on lash fill conditions and amount of lashes needed to completely fill.
Lash Bath
(Service needed after lash removal or before lash application) Lash Bath is safe for lash extensions and was specifically designed for eyelashes and eyelids. This lash cleanser promotes healthy lashes and longer eyelash retention.
Lash Removal
Professional removal of mink lash extensions.
Lash Removal w/ Lash Bath
2 for 1 service. Recommended when switching to a new Lash Tech to give eyelashes a clean canvas to begin with.
One on One Lash Class
Private one on one class to learn application of mink lashes with live model and mannequin. Package comes with a Certification, Lash Bed, & Lash Tech Starter Supplies.
Travel Fee
Will travel inside of I-285 Atlanta area with a travel fee of $20 . Will also travel to Metro Atlanta for a travel fee of $30. Anything outside of Metro Atlanta is subject to an additional fee.
Microblading Consultation
Have a one-on-one consultation with a Certified Microblading Technician. During this consultation we will answer all questions, discuss your expectations, and map your eyebrows for you to see the final outcome!
24K Facial
Perfect for moisture and the tightening of skin. This facial leaves the skin with a glow. During this facial we incorporate needle rolling which promotes clearing acne scars, fading fine lines, and evening out your skin tone. All of our ingredients are 100% natural.
Rose Gold Facial
A collagen facial that promotes brightening and the firming of skin. This facial helps to repair your skins natural enzymes and keeps you looking younger. This facial leaves your face feeling refreshed and looking radiant.
Kaolin Clay Facial
Kaolin Clay removes oil and tightens pores. This facial is specially formulated for those with oily and acne prone skin. This Mud mask removes all excess oils and leaves your face with a matte finish. Kaolin clay revives your skin and reveals a clean face.
Natural Coenzyme Mask
This 100% natural facial extract that prevents skin damage, smoothes the skin, and helps build a strong protective coat against outdoor conditions. Available in Blueberry, Olive, Pearl & Lemon.
Loc Palm Roll
Palm-rolling is a technique where the hair is. rolled in-between two palms. Palm-roll the hair until it coils up at the root, forming a nice and neat loc.
Loc Style
Braids, Twists, Rod Set, or bring in a picture. Any loc style can be done.
Clovere Exclusive
An appointment confirmed by the CEO before booking.
Rod Set
Rod sets are an alternative to curling hair without the use of hot irons. Perm rods of various sizes can be used on natural, transitioning, and relaxed hair.
Birthday Special
Hybrid Lash Installation, Luxury Facial, and other gifts to take home for the birthday girl.
Microblading Class
Hands on class with mannequin and live model. Includes a Microblading Bed, Supplies for your first 20+ customers, and a Microblading Specialist Certificate. Learn tips and tricks from a Lead Microblading Instructor. (Parties of 2+ receive a discounted rate)
Brow Threading
Thread rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing, where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove short rows of hair. Threading allows for a more defined and precise shape and can create better definition for eyebrows.
UGA Alumni/Student Lashes
All UGA Alumni & students currently enrolled at UGA will receive a lash installation for a discounted rate of $50. Classic, Hybrid, & Volume sets.
Microblading Touch-Up
A touch up is a repetition of the initial microblading procedure, but only on the areas that need to be filled in. It is vital to have the first microblading touch up because only the combination of the procedure itself and the touch up will provide a satisfying outcome. Price is standard but subject to change based on condition of brows.

Our Staff

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