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Supplement Consultation
When it comes to supplements, there is no one-size-fits-all and it can be dangerous to mix certain supplements with medications. I’m all for a food first approach, but often-times our foods do not provide us with the nutrients we need if we are an athlete, under more stress or eat a limited diet! The supplement industry is also not regulated, and many products could contain different substances than what is indicated on the label. Which could put your health at risk, or your athletic eligibility if you’re an athlete! So, when it comes to supplements you have different needs depending on age, lifestyle, health history, and goals. You really don’t want to be guessing at what you should take which could lead to wasted money and stress. In fact, you could be hurting your efforts (and even harming your body) if you take the wrong ones. So, let’s limit the confusion, struggle of knowing what, how much and when! I am so happy to answer your questions! No more guessing or stressing! I will create your very own personalized supplement regimen and answer questions you have with current supplements.
Lunch & Learn
60-minute Initial consultation
45-Minute follow up
60-Minute Follow Up
30-Minute Follow Up
20-Minute Follow Up
One-Month Adolescent Nutrition Coaching
•Four (20-min touch base call or onsite visit) •Macronutrient/Energy requirements plan •Grocery lists & meal guidance •Special dietary needs counseling
Level-1 Nutrition Coaching
•Two (30-min check in’s) •Meal planning •Grocery lists •Counseling and education *Complete macro breakdown to support goals
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