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Q & A Session with Wendi

Just want to pick Wendi's brain on fueling yourself or your athletes? Maybe you are a coach who is trying to add weight to your athletes or want to know more about post-game and training meals. This is for you! When it comes to supplements, diet, and exercise, there is no one-size-fits-all and it can be dangerous to mix certain supplements with medications. I’m all for a food first approach, but oftentimes our foods do not provide us with the nutrients we need if we are an athlete, under more stress, or eat a limited diet! The supplement industry is also not regulated, and many products could contain different substances than what is indicated on the label. Which could put your health at risk, or your athletic eligibility if you’re an athlete! So, when it comes to supplements you have different needs depending on age, lifestyle, health history, and goals. You really don’t want to be guessing at what you should take which could lead to wasted money and stress. In fact, you could be hurting your efforts (and even harming your body) if you take the wrong ones. So, let’s limit the confusion, struggle of knowing what, how much and when! I am so happy to answer your questions! No more guessing or stressing! I will create your very own personalized supplement regimen and answer questions you have with current supplements.

$70 · 25 minutes

LIVE or PRE-Recorded Virtual Nutrition Presentations

Live or pre-recorded presentations available!! You will receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentation as well as the recording to use and reuse for athletes, coaches, parents, and more. One unified message from a sports nutrition expert right at your fingertips! Wendi covers anything from exercise, general wellness, sleep, cooking, healthy eating for life, corporate wellness, or food intolerances. Wendi also provides a 75-min presentation series on nutrition for performance, healthy eating on a budget, supplements, weight gain, weight loss, eating more protein, plant-based eating, or special diets. Book Wendi for a virtual presentation with your organization, class, team or company for practical ways to improve the goal at hand! Email for questions on desired topics our you’re interested in something special beyond what’s listed.

3 Options

3 months of one-on-one nutrition coaching

Looking for the highest level of support when it comes to healthier eating? This is for you if you need help with picking out healthy options at the grocery store, preparing foods for you and your family, supporting digestion, or just want to have someone to hold you accountable for your goals. Includes -60-min initial comprehensive assessment & review of your health history, assessment of labs (with specialty functional labs being ordered as and if needed), a deep dive into your potential root causes, & individualized treatment plan to uproot & eliminate the demons holding you back from truly thriving! - 30-min check-in calls included. coaching calls can be scheduled bi-weekly or weekly. Accountability email & phone check-ins not only ensure you are moving forward with confidence in your choice to feel your best, but also provide you with the tools, knowledge, & skills to live your healthiest best life.

Call for pricing $1,200 · 45 minutes

Athlete Nutrition Coaching

This package is key for parents who may not know how to properly fuel their young athletes during their most important years. We meet via web chat over Zoom or Skype. We will work closely on: -Breakfast and snacking habits -Fueling for competition -Weight gain, weight loss, or weight management -Meal planning -Portion control -Eating for immune health -Pre-competition & recovery nutrition programing -Individualized energy recommendations & nutrient analysis *Grocery lists, meal planning, and performance plate resources. This package includes (1) 60-min initial consultation including calorie and protein recommendations (4) 30-min weekly email and bi-weekly virtual check-ins to discuss meals, exercise, and game-day fueling strategies. **Full disclaimer we will discuss supplement safety, whey protein powders, best meals to eat for optimal performance We will meet via ZOOM, Facetime, or Skype depending upon the athlete's preference.

$650 · 1 hour

Nutrition for a Healthier Family!

Nutrition coaching to help you, and your family with a personalized approach to eating well. We will discuss specific needs, preferences, and provide guidance on building a healthy plate with proper portions. We will work through a variety of topics on body image, healthy goal setting, sleep, water, eating variety for the entire family. You will receive handouts, resources, and guidance on how to live and eat without guilt. Knowledge is power! Through an assessment and initial consultation, we can discuss the needs of the family and how to meet them with optimism, grace, and education. We meet virtually via ZOOM and can communicate via email between sessions. What is included: (1) 45 MINUTE IN-DEPTH CONSULTATION (2) 45-MINUTE FOLLOW-UP GROUP SESSIONS During these sessions, we discuss portions, meal prep, nutritional needs, supplement questions, sleep health, and more. W will also communicate via text, email and FaceTime between sessions. Read more testimonials from Wendi's clients available on her website:

$500 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Discovery Call for Pricing

Want to work with a dietitian? Looking for a nutrition presentation? Interested in what services are available? -Sign up for this 15-min complimentary discovery call to identify your nutritional concerns or nutrition education needs with these questions: -What do you hope to accomplish in nutritional coaching? -What has held you back from accomplishing your health goals in the past? -How are you hoping I can help you if we work together? -Interested in someone to speak to your class, clinic, conference, or with your adolescent athlete? See if you're a good fit for partnering with Wendi

Free · 15 minutes

4 Session Package*

Nutrition package options include follow-up sessions only (45 minutes each). Packages do NOT include the consultation/evaluation.

$325 · 30 minutes

60-min Initial Consultation

Need a one-time session to discuss your health and wellness goals with an expert? Are you considering a new diet or trying something different in your fitness routine? Want help with your habits, lifestyle, or motivation to get yourself back on track? Or just simply want to connect with a dietitian to ensure you're on the right track? Or just want to pick my brain? I’m here! This is a great option for many that may not need accountability or support beyond the basics. This includes a 60 min comprehensive health assessment with an individualized nutrition plan tailored to your needs. This includes recommendations for diet, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle changes to help you feel your best and reach your goals. This is also a great option for those who are on the cusp of disease and want to work on turning the ship around! Consult summary with tailored energy needs and general meal guidance. Exclusive handouts and resources formulated for your needs!

$185 · 1 hour

30-Minute Follow Up Coaching Call

Need a general check-in on your goals? Look no further for a quick check-in to get you back on track or to help you excel past your plateau! Recommendations for new meals, recipes, exercise, supplements, and overall changes to help you along on your fitness journey. Customized macro adjustments upon request!

$85 · 30 minutes

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