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Men's Haircut

Mens haircut with clippers and/or shears and straight razor neck shave.

$30 路 30 minutes

Nose/Ear wax

$13 路 5 minutes

Grey coverage color

$35 路 30 minutes

New client

For new clients please book here. I give myself a hour for new clients.

$30 路 1 hour

Womens haircut

Please consult with me before booking.

$30 路 1 hour

Specialty hair cut

If you have a difficult haircut book this. (Ex. Mohawk) I may also ask you to book this if your haircut takes me a while.

$40 路 1 hour

Kid's Haircut

Hair cut and style on kid 12 and under.

$20 路 30 minutes

Buzz Haircut

One length all over haircut with a straight razor neck shave.

$20 路 15 minutes

Face Shave

Straight razor shave with streamed towel.

$30 路 30 minutes

Straight Razor Beard Trim

beard trim and Line up with clippers and/or shears and finished off with a straight razor line up and shave.

$20 路 30 minutes

Beard Trim

Trimming of the beard and line up with clippers and/or shears.

$15 路 30 minutes

Neck Trim

Line up around the hairline and neck shave.

$10 路 5 minutes


Gloria Soto