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Our Services

Sage Signature Reflexology Treatment
Enjoy a foot bath and traditional reflexology treatment using knowledge of acupressure and meridians. This relaxing treatment will target tense points on the ears, hands & feet to foster good health and overall well-being. This treatment can be combined with Aromatherapy or Ayurvedic remedies to boost immune system responses.
Couples Massage
Book a therapeutic massage for you and your BFF in our shared treatment room. Limited availability subject to number of Licensed Massage Therapists in staff.
45 Minute Focus Plus Massage
Take a little extra time to target a focus area and its' connections. A great little session for anyone who needs a therapist to spend some extra time on a focus area while touching on associated areas. Choose any combination of our modalities, including relaxation, deep tissue, prenatal, sports therapy, reflexology, and couples massage. We will combine techniques to allow your session to flow so that ultimate relaxation and healing are achieved.
60 Minute Massage
75 Minute Massage
90 Minute Massage
SERVICE ADD-ON ~ Please schedule WITH Massage Pure Aloe has health benefits. We use pure aloe to hydrate and restore moisture to skin for healing effect.
You or Your Sage Studio massage therapist might feel that an essential oil is essential for your massage experience. Essential oils are labeled such for a reason. A little can go a long way. They may be essential tools for curing a headache, relieving sinus and allergy symptoms, reducing stress, triggering calm, improving mood and so on. You may decide you have a favorite scent. Sage Studio therapists strive to provide a session you'll love. Please let us know what you like and we'll often include essential oils we trust during your session. Feel free to bring your own or request none. ***This service is often complimentary unless patron requests full aromatherapy massage or patron wishes to order a product.
30 Minute Focus Massage
A shorter session to target a specific focus area. This is a great money saving session for anyone who is crunched for time. Choose any combination of our modalities, including relaxation, deep tissue, prenatal, sports therapy, reflexology, and couples massage. We will combine techniques to create a relaxing session that promotes health and wellness,
2 Hour R&R Massage
The ultimate relaxation treatment! Some of us need a little bit extra to feel complete. Give your therapist more time for your focus areas and well as areas that may need a bit more attention like the face and jaw, scalp, ears, hands or feet. Choose any combination of our modalities, including relaxation, deep tissue, prenatal, sports therapy, reflexology, and couples massage. We will combine techniques to provide a treatment that encourages wellness and relaxation.
Ayurvedic & Esoteric Healing Treatment
A Two Hour Signature Treatment... Sage Studio Massage Therapists have been trained to use tools and treatments associated with Ayurvedic & Traditional Remedies, Ayurveda combines knowledge of body constitutions with pathology and uses natural resources to nourish the mind and body. Add Ayurvedic Remedies to your massage so your Sage Studio Therapist can prepare custom carriers, essential oils, hot/cold compresses, herbs, senses, and techniques and blend them into a custom Ayurvedic session that addresses your therapeutic goals as soon as you enter the Studio. Sage Studio Signature Spa Products use very simple blends of readily available ayurvedic compounds to promote a healthy integumentary system. Can be a delightful addition to any massage that celebrates a special occasion; Anniversaries, Brides & Newlyweds, New Moms or to Promote Health and Healing.
Salt Stones
ADD-ON ~ Schedule WITH Massage A treatment with Warm Himalayan salt stones to exfoliate skin and increase circulation. Take home these excellent tools to speed relaxation, reduce inflammation and promote a sense of profound well-being. Himalayan Salt features 84 vitamins and minerals. Utilize daily at home to treat sore tired feet, achy muscles and sore joints.
Harmonizing Aromatherapy Treatment
A purely relaxing 90 Minute Aromatherapy Massage with 7 carefully selected essential oils selected to nourish the mind and body while harmonizing ayurvedic body constitutions and balancing the chakras.
Herb Compress
MASSAGE ADD-ON Warm Compress with Organic Herb Blends to Promote Healing This treatment is Rooted in Ayurvedic & Esoteric Wellness Practices Could include : Castor, Calendula, Arnica, Lavendar, Rose Hips, Comfrey, Fennel, Echinacea, Chamomile, Plaintain, Feverfew, Yarrow
Body Brushing
ADD ON. Schedule with Massage Begin your massage with a brief body brushing to exfoliate and improve skin condition. This relaxing treatment stimulates lymph drainage and boosts circulation. Take home your brushes to promote healthy at home practices.

Our Staff

Erin L.
Erin knows that therapeutic touch is integral to good health, healing, and sense of well-being and that each person possesses the innate ability to heal one's self. She works to promote positive body consciousness, awareness and self-esteem.
Patrick & Mindy
Patrick & Mindy Bonner own and operate Marble Falls Athletic Club. They are both skilled massage therapists and athletic trainers that have been practicing in Marble Falls since 2005. Both Patrick and Mindy believe that massage and physical therapy are an important component in any health and wellness plan.
goLocal LMT Network
Sage Studio has joined forces with a network of local independent practitioners to create a beautiful space that can accommodate groups and couples treatments,

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