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Our Services

New Client Color Consultation
Consultations are free! We get to make a game plan together to achieve your color goal. Please bring at least 3 pictures of your desired look to the consult! In order to reserve your appointment a $50 deposit is required, which ultimately comes off your total!
Hair Extension Consultation
So you want inchesssss? Beautiful Braidless Sew Ins. Name totally speaks for itself! No braids, just high quality Bellami hair weft sewn through silicon beads. A required deposit the day of consultation will be used to order your customized hair. Bring a minimum of 3 inspiration pictures, so I can do an accurate color and length match!
Womens Wash, Cut, Blowout
Pretty much speaks for itself! Includes a mini treatment! #treatyoself
Extension Maintenance 3-5wk
Maintenance Maintenance! It sometimes gets hard to adjust to the extensions and if a bead does slip or a corner comes missing within 1-2 weeks of you wearing them, I'll fix it no cost! Shit happens! I actually wear our braidless sew ins and GIRL straight up I love the feeling of that freshly scooted up weft. Being on time helps your extensions live longer and all this honestly is, is me scooting up that weft at 3-5 weeks after they were last installed or since the last date of maintenance.
Extension Maintenance 6+
Read the extension installation description. It's for ya own good, boo.
Extension Care Package
Ran out of the shampoo, conditioner, and oil that came with your care package? I got you no problem!
Extension Removal
Hey! We all gotta take a breather sometimes. Or maybe you just wanna go all natural for a little while! Bet! I can easily remove them, and we wash your hair, include a mini-treatment to clarify your hair and give it some bounce and shine. I blow your hair out and you and your natural mane are free to stunt! If you need someone elses hair extesions removed by me please click the consultation button so I can accurately remove them and treat your hair properly. Its okay babe, I've seen some shit. lol.
Balayage / Ombre Retouch
Keeping the natural root/base and pushing up the previous bomb pattern I made before! Includes a toner, blowout, and mini-treatment because girl we just finished re-lightening your hair, lets make that shit bright AND re-hydrated.
Brow Wax
Gotta keep them suckers on FLEEK, am I right?
Root Retouch
You see 'em, I see 'em, let's get rid of 'em! Includes a mini treatment and a blowout! #LookGoodFeelGood
Extensions Blending Cut
When it comes to your install day, this is a requirement in order to have the Bellami weft blend with your real hair. Blending is the name of the game babe!
All Over Color
ONE bad ass color, all over that lovely head of yours! Includes a mini treatment and blowout so you can stuntttt babe!
Womens Dry Cut
No wash. No blowdry. Just straight scissor to hair contact. I see you Speedy McGee!
Undercut With Design
Might was well shave some bad ass shit into that fresh undercut! you MUST show me pictures beforehand!
Brow Tint
I mean, you can make it match your vivid hair if you wanna get crazy, or if you wanna take breather from powder for a little bit, click itttt.
Brazilian Blowout
A GOD SEND. This was made to make your hair FL resisitant for 3 WHOLE MONTHS. Like.. girl.. 3 months of NO frizz, fast blow/airdry, sealant for your color or any split ends, heals your hair, makes it DUMB shiny and smooth.. Imagine... the war against your hair and the FL humidity has been conquered by this treatment.. FOR THREE MONTHS OK.
Color Removal
Soo that stubborn color wont move? Or you're just bored of it. Orrr you just hate it. I can get it out by using a low level remover to gently pull the color out, while keeping all your hair on your head! Just pleaseeee try to remember the brand of color you use< so your hair doesn't burn off when I try and lift it (lol. but real shit). Treatment is highly recommended.
Wash, Blowout and Style
Oh so you want your hair to look, smell, shine, and feel bomb af for 4 days? Bet.
Vivid Color Melt
Your root base seamlessly blended into a dope customized balayage/ombre, overlayed with a single vivid color! Let me know your choice of color in the additional notes section. If you want 2 or 3+ vivids then click that option additionally! Includes blowout to show off that bomb color.
I feel you babe, it's too hot in FL for this whole "full head of hair" nonsense. If you want a design in it please click the other option!
Dust Trim
a.k.a. "lil' baby trim" or "just taking off the dead ends" or my personal favorite "eliminating the crispies only". Don't worry, you'll still leave with all your hair, and its good for you bb. If you're feeling ancy and want layers or a bob, that's a wholeeee haircut, so click that!
Bring that brightness back babe! Perfect for my blondes that want to get rid of that annoying brassiness too! Pairs beautifully with a trim. Trust me, it'll bring that overall BAM factor back!! Includes a blowout too!
Bang Trim
I see your cute self! Thanks for booking this with me and not attempting this on your own in your bathroom at 2am.
Natural Color Melt
Me, melting your root flawlessly into your balayage/ ombre with toner and a blowout. ALL DA BLENDS BB.
Natural Color Melt Root Retouch
Just retouching that perfectly blended ass root, and popping a toner on your ends to refresh your already bomb ass balayage/ombre pattern! Includes a toner and a mini treatment. If you'd like to go brighter on your ends please click the original color melt option!
Root Lightener
To keep my blondes, well, blonde. Please try to not wait to long between appointments, no one looks cute with a root that looks like a black halo/donut of doom on their head... Includes toner, blowout, and pairs PERFECTLY with a treatment to hydrate all over. #KeepItCuteSis
Balayage / Ombre
Keeping your existing root/base, and making a bomb pattern that lightens up your ends! Pretty ASF! Includes a toner and blowout.
Hydro Awapuhi Triplex Treatment
Hydration and Shine for 2-4 Weeks. Girlll click click click!
Vivid Overlay 2+ Colors
I mean, if you're up to it, why not throw another color in that bright head of yours? Wash and blowout included, let me know your colors in the additional notes!
Extension Installation
When I install your new set of shiny INCHES BOO! I apply the tracks to your head shape as well as how your hair "lives" (does it live in a ponytail often, do you have it up in a bun, is it braided often, half up half down?) The install is customized to you and your style, and that where it shall live. IF YOU MISS YOUR 6 WEEK MARK YOU ARE GETTING A COMPLETE RE-INSTALL PERIOD. Or else you'll have dreads, and I DON'T mean the cute ones.
All Over Lift
WHERE THE BLONDE WOMEN AT?! Or the ones that want to be blonde.. or lighter.. lol. This is perfect for you guys. Includes toner, blowout and Olaplex. Its amazing for your hair and its happening, so hush.
Yes, dudes are welcome to have shiny FL proof manes too!
Vivid Color Melt Retouch
Refreshing that root smudge and overlaying that original vivid to bring that BAM factor back! Let me know your color choice in the notes option! ( If you want to lighten the original vivid color please click the original Vivid Color Melt Option ) (If you want to add additional colors please click the 2-3+ option)
...SO you thought having your best friend help you with the box dye from Walmart was a good idea. Or Sally's beauty supply has failed you. Or the bleach from that box of splat that you purchased made your hair a littlleeee crispy. Ok, overly crispy. Or we are regretting that 2:30 am self bang trim or haircut. Ok I'll stop. But seriously, I got you boo. Just comment in the additional notes and let ya girl fix it!
Baby Lights / Balayage
Alright with ya light-haired self. I leave your natural base, balayage the underneath for depth ( and contrast, trust me it's pretty af), and we baby-light the top half of your head. This technique takes a minute to do, so get comfy, maybe order some Uber Eats and lets get your hair light and blendyy.
Crown Lights
Or what my boss lady calls a "baby light mini" I felt like labeling this crown lights sounded regal af. Lol. I'm funny. OKAY SO, this is perfect to brighten up your face with a soft customized pattern, as well as your crown area. It's also perfect for my short haired clients, and for some of my dudes who want a pop of color. Includes toner and a blowout
Olaplex Treatment
Literally is a bond building treatment. Oh sorry, in English? HYDRATING DAMAGE REVERSING BOMB ASS STUFF. Worth it, especially for my blondies.
Olaplex #2
Can be added for your vivid overlays, or at the bowl as a conditioning treatment for that extra shine, and umf. Ya feel?
Womens Pixie Cut
Girl its hot out here, I get you. Bring three inspirational pictures and lets goooo!
All Over Vivid
Okay so instead of blonde af, we gonna be VIVID af. I like it. I'll lift as you as blonde as you can get (safely of course) and then from there you can be any color you want (seriously) depending on how you lift. I mean, I have some red ass hair coming from box black, so yeah. We can ALL be vivid here, okkkurrt?
All Over Vivid Retouch
We lighten up those roots, and we pop that vivid color back all over that head of yours. Gotta stay bright and poppin, ya feel? If you feel like you wanna be a walking prism, hit the additional color button. (Ya know you want tooooo)
Vivid Overlay 3+ Colors
Ohhh so you're a mermaid now? Go big or go home queen, I see you. Let me know your color choices in the additional notes!
Extra Length
You know, and I KNOW that you have LONG HAIR and that long ass hair needs extra love. And bowls of color. And bowls of bleach. And extra time. This makes sure I got you covered, Rapunzel.
Lash Lift and Tint
Get that "umf" for your lashes without dealing with eyelash extensions. You know you want toooo.
Lip Wax
'Cause lets be real, we all freak out over it and we all need that shit GONE! lol.
Money Piece
It’s basically a pop of color! It’s a piece of your hair that gets lightened (if necessary) and we color it any color you want depending on level of lift! Perfect if you want a streak of blonde or a chunk of neon green! Includes toner, mini treatment and blowout!

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