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Not sure what you're looking for? Come see me and set up a plan of action to achieve your hair dreams. Consultations are always complimentary.

Free · 15 minutes

Short Hair Cut

This service is for guests with short hair styles that require scissor-over-comb or clipper work, and/or anything above the ears.

Starting at $25 · 40 minutes

Mid-length Hair Cut

Defined as anything below the hairline and above the top of the shoulders

Starting at $35 · 50 minutes

Long Hair Cut

Anything past the shoulders.

Starting at $40 · 1 hour

Big Change

This is for the guest who wants to dramatically change their look. Allots for extra consultation time to ensure the best experience possible.

$50 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Retouch Color

Refreshing roots that are no more than 1.5 inches. Regrowth exceeding this qualifies as a root stretch.

Starting at $55 · 1 hour 30 minutes

All Over Color

Coloring hair from roots to ends.

Starting at $75 · 2 hours

Partial Highlights

When you want a more uniform dimension to your color. Includes toner.

Starting at $90 · 2 hours 15 minutes

Full Highlights

When you want dimension throughout the entirety of your hair. Includes toner.

Starting at $120 · 2 hours 45 minutes

Dimensional Color Service

Think balayage, foilayage, ombre... the most natural growout of all. This is for the guest who wants the biggest impact with the lowest maintenance.

Starting at $150 · 3 hours

Blowdry Style

Some days you don't want to do your own hair. This is for you.

$35 · 45 minutes

Special Occasion

Curls, braids, up-styling; whatever you're looking for to be ready for that special event.

$50 · 1 hour

Vivid single color

$50 · 30 minutes


Free · 20 minutes


Alexandria Barger