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Marketing & Branding For The Alternative Lifestyle Industry.

BriNJoe-The LS Advocate
-LS Entertainment
Promotes LS Events-Provides Exposure For Event Producers. Offers Brand Ambassadorship & Affiliate Marketing.
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Our Services

Marketing & Branding Consult
Free Consultation! Let’s Chat!
Event Exposure Free Consult
Marketing, Exposure For Your Events That Need a BIG Marketing Push! Brand Exposure Available As Well. !
Brand Ambassadorship
Paid Advertising Budget Minimum $300 +(Does Not Include Our Fees) The Decision is yours when choosing to budget for paid advertising. It can be as little or as much as you like. If you should choose to include paid ads into your plan, for a campaign that needs much more of a Reach than organic (your Own advertising) traffic, we recommend you budget at the least $300 per month. FB, IG For Twitter and Google Ads, Plan for a higher budget. $500 would be reasonable. We Will Assist You With Proper Ad Sets, Insights and Monitoring Results.
Content Creation
Content Creation For Social Media is a Service We Provide and In Some Cases Is Included In The Plan. Additionally We Offer Ad Set Creation For Paid Advertising On Social Media, Google, Or a Popular Choice is Ad Creation For Advertising In ASN Lifestyle Magazine (If You Aren’t Advertising In ASN, You Really Should Be, We Work Closely With ASN, and Can Assist You With Getting Yourself Included, As Well as What You Must Do & Pay Attention To Achieve The Most Climactic Results. There’s Several Other Places Where We Offer Our Assistance With Alternative Lifestyle Advertising. We Do Not Charge For This. Only The Content Creation.
Profile Management And/Or Set Up
Management of your profiles on the social media platforms that are best for your Business, Brand Recognition & Growth. Managed Correctly, Carefully With High Standards For Content. Content Creation is Extra, Dependent On Time Consumption, However It Would Be Included In Some Plans. Offered For Both Mainstream & Alt. SM
Technical Support
In Addition To Social Media & Digital Marketing We Offer Services such as SEO, Insight Analyzes, Assistance With Your Insights ,Additionally, Creating Your Own Dashboard To Help You Monitor Where You’re Highest Conversions Are Coming From.
Free Banner Exchange
An exchange of clickable banners. We Have Two Sites, One’s For Business and The others for Entertainment. However The Two Are Both Used For Marketing Purposes.
THIS SERVICE INCLUDES: Us Attending Lifestyle Events, Armed With Your Brands Swag/ Apparel /Cards Banners Etc. We Interact and Engage With Potential Clients. We Share What We Would Online, Only We’re Enganging On The Most Personal Level Possible! We Document The Event and In Turn Photos Into Live Event Content To Blast All Over Social Media ! This Form Of Marketing Is In Our Opinion One Of The Most Effective Marketing Strategies In Terms Of Results.
Affiliate Marketing
We Appreciate The Value in Affiliate Marketing. We have the websites, the platforms and the skill set necessary to successfully provide Affiliate Marketing Services. In Essence, If You’re Looking For a Great Affiliate Marketing Team, Please Don’t Hesitate To Inquire! The same can be said for any other Service we provide
We Offer Ad Set Creation For Paid Advertising On Social Media, Google, Or a Popular Choice is Ad Creation For Advertising In ASN Lifestyle Magazine. ASN & Other Platforms That Cater To The Alternative Lifestyle Industry, Like MyWildLifestyle, Require a High Resolution Image That We Offer To Create For You. We want for your Ad to generate the absolute most attention from your targeted consumers! We Will Make Sure That It Does! You have one Shot to Garner that attention, So Let’s Make It Count! SEE MORE DETAILS, AND PLACE ORDER ON LSTYLEMEDIASOCIAL.COM (PAYMENT IS THROUGH PAYPAL.

Our Staff

Sabrina Licciardi