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Aspiring Business Owner Consultation

Epiphany call!!! Your problem: You think you want to start a business but you don't know what you need.

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Entrepreneur Healing

Your problem: You're frustrated with being an entrepreneur and you need someone to talk to who gets you.

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Business Pricing Consultation

Your problem: You don't know HOW to price your service or products and/or you don't know whether or not you should price your product or service a certain way.

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Business Strategy Session

Sorry, but there is no winging it in business. In order to success you must have a strategy. Even if your business is coaching or course creation, regardless of what it is, a strategy is a must for success. So let's talk strategy.

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Scaling Help

You're growing! Congrats!!! Time to talk growth strategy, culture, resistance, planning, finances and more.

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Onboarding and HR Assistance

Ready to hire your first employee? If you do it wrong, you can face STIFF penalties both on the state and federal level. Let's talk about what you need, what your hopes are. Let's talk about what you are required to have on the city, state and/or federal level.

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Business Checklist

Making sure your business is structured right including the tax part is critical as you don't want to . Making sure you have all the beginnings of your business structured, built and formed correctly. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You don't want your state, city or the feds coming after you because all that you need to do right for your business you did not do. Let's make sure you're set up correctly.

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