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Business Coaching Call

This is for business owners that want business funding.

Free · 20 minutes

Debt Relief Call

We will answer your questions about the new bill that will Bail you out of debt. We will go over your good debt and bad debt and help you learn if you qualify for this program.

Free · 20 minutes

Wealth Blueprint Meeting on Zoom w/ Coach Damont (Read Description)

1 hour Zoom Meeting with Coach Damont. Goal is to develop your wealth blueprint. This is a business meeting please be in a place where you can focus ... please no driving in your car. Act like you are coming to a "Business Meeting with a millionaire to learn how to be a millionaire. You will need a Pen/ Paper for notes and an open mind that requires changing. ****Do not book a meeting if you are not willing to change. My time is very important to me. The $1 is for a limited time and will go to charity

$1.00 $1 · 55 minutes

Credit Coaching Blueprint Call

Let's put together a credit blueprint so you will know exactly what steps to take to get to an excellent credit score

Free · 20 minutes


1 on 1 Call with Coach (Team)
Coach Damont

I will be known for helping the most people in history become millionaires and build generational wealth. This year I will Coach 100 people and give the mentoring and play by play steps to the wealth transfer.