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Basic Annual Service (minimum)

In the bike industry this is commonly known as a "Tune Up". This service includes the following adjustments: derailleur, brake, headset, bottom bracket, bolts, hubs, wheel truing, and a full-cycle wipe down and safety check.

$109 · 1 hour

Annual Service (2 Bikes)

Have more than one bike? Choose this, and if there are more than 2, just let us know by text, email, or voice!

$218 · 2 hours

Specialty Bike | Trike (minimum)

Have an odd or quirky bike such as an E-Bike, recumbent or tandem? Choose this and we'll get it working well for you!

$149 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Deluxe Overhaul

This will remove all parts from your bike that are necessary, deep wipe-down of the frame, and a replacement of all bearings necessary. Parts extra.

$275 · 3 hours

Service Hitch Install (minimum)

Unlike many brick-and-mortar shops, we do hitch installs! Sometimes they end up above-and-beyond, but they start at this price point.

$99 · 45 minutes

Boxed-to-Built (minimum)

Get a bike from an online retailer? Or had a bike shipped? This is the option for you! Get set up the right, safely. All bikes come in boxes. And not only do they need to be assembled, but they need to be adjusted properly so they can be thoroughly enjoyed.

$135 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Derek Sitzman