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***MANDATORY FOR NEW CLIENTS*** To be added to any new client service. Adds an additional 15 minutes for time for consultation.

Free · 15 minutes

Quick Look

Face Framing highlights/balayage (4-6 foils/5-10% of hair brightened) Brightens up where you see it the most, right around the face. Perfect for maintaining your look between longer appointments. Price Includes: -Olaplex -Color/Lightener & Toner Needed -Professional Blowout -Light Styling

2 Options

Mini Look

Face Framing + Part line highlights/balayage (8-20 foils/15-25% of hair brightened) Brightens up right along your part line and around your face. Great for 10-12 weeks between appointments to bring it up without changing your overall look. Price Includes: -Olaplex -Color/Lightener & Toner Needed -Professional Blowout -Light Styling

2 Options

Partial Look

Partial Highlights/Partial Balayage (20-40 foils/25-50% of hair brightened) From Sunkissed balayage to a partial highlight. Great for brunettes wanting some sunkissed/brighter pieces or for guests wanting a brighter but more natural/subtle look. Can also be booked for a slight change to your overall look without going drastically another color. Price Includes: -Olaplex -Color/Lightener & Toner Needed -Professional Blowout -Light Styling

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Full Look

Full balayage/highlight. (40+foils/50-100% of hair brightened) Can be booked for: -Brown to blonde, -big changes in your look, -dramatic changes from your natural color -Coppers/red from blonde or brown Price Includes: -Olaplex -Color/Lightener & Toner Needed -Professional Blowout -Light Styling

2 Options

Color Corrections / Vivids

*REQUIRES A PRIOR CONSULTATION Priced hourly. First hour $90, each additional hour is $60. Includes everything needed to create your new look. (cut, color, olaplex, treatments, etc.) Can be booked for: -Any sort of corrective color (home color fixes, removing home vivid colors, incorrectly done color from anywhere else) -Any vivid/unicorn/rainbow hair color (purple, blue, pink, green, fire engine red, orange, white, silver, etc)

Starting at $270 · 4 hours

Haircut Experiences

SHORT HAIR/CLIPPER CUT: For hair above the earlobes. Ideal for women with existing pixie cuts.* Includes cut+wash. HAIRCUT & BLOWDRY: For hair to the earlobes and below. Includes wash, cut, professional blowout and light styling.

2 Options

All Over Color

Includes consultation, color (one color), wash, blow dry and style. Additional charges may apply depending on length/thickness of hair.

2 Options

Tone & Treat

*CURRENT GUESTS ONLY* Refresh your hair and your color between appointments with a quick gloss/tone and a deep condition. Includes a blow-dry and style. Optional (but recommended) to add a cut.

3 Options

Root Touch-Up

Includes consultation, root color up to one (1) inch (one color), wash, blow dry and light styling. ***If your roots are longer than one (1) inch, please book an All Over Color.

2 Options

Add-on Roots to Highlights, Balayage

Add on a root touch up (root smudge, root cover, etc) to highlights (accent, partial or full) or balayage services.

Starting at $40 · 30 minutes

Waxing (Brow, lip or chin)

5 Options

Length/Thickness Add-On

Extra time for long/thick hair.

Starting at $20 · 15 minutes

OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment

OLAPLEX Treatment to repair damage, smooth hair, make hair more manageable, and overall improve the appearance. Includes the stand alone treatment and a wash. ***Should be booked with a blowout, hair cut, or scalp treatment service.

2 Options

Wash & Blow Dry

Includes wash, scalp massage (at shampoo bowl) and professional blow out with light styling. Additional charges may apply for length, thickness of hair or extra styling.

Starting at $30 · 45 minutes

Deep Condition

Feeling like your hair needs a reset? Or just want your hair to be silky and smooth? Book a deep condition and renew your hair today! Shampoo and deep condition with a light blow dry.

$12 · 10 minutes

Scalp Treatment

Put your worries behind you as you sit back and relax with a scalp renewal service and then a 10 minute scalp massage to put your mind at ease. Followed by a wash, blowdry and light styling.

Starting at $40 · 1 hour

Bang Trim

*CURRENT CLIENTS ONLY* Touch up your bangs/fringe in-between regularly scheduled appointments. ***If you would like to cut new bangs, please book a Haircut & Blow-Dry.

$5 · 5 minutes

Emily Powell

Emily Powell is a self-proclaimed geek and is obsessed with all things Marvel and superheroes. She is a momma to 3 fur-babies, a cat named Jillian and two dogs, Axel and Tony (yes, named after Iron Man). Emily is studio owner and head stylist at E.P. Studio and has made it her mission not only to do hair, but to help you to start showing off your amazing personality and stop hiding behind your hair. Specializing in balayage, hair painting and color corrections, the possibilities are endless! At our salon we will take our time and discuss together your style, your life, and your hair so that we can take everything into consideration and can create the look that you've always wanted, and have a blast while doing it! Here at E.P. Studio we are committed to making sure you feel rejuvenated from the moment you step foot though our door.