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Biodynamic Craniosacral, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Raw Food and Polarity Life Coaching, AstroGeo Readings, Astrology Charts and Consulations
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Our Services

Integrative Bodywork
90min integrative eclectic bodywork with somatic guidance and assessment for treatment approach based on client intake and autonomic nervous system state currently. Biodynamic Craniosacral, polyvagal theory, birth and trauma therapy. This is one of the only hands on body “work” that can be used as part of a first responder protocol as well as immediately following accidents, surgeries, injuries etc as long as medical needs are met.
Hot stone
90 min prepaid pls present Groupon before session. Thanks and have a wonderful day. Sea
Prepaid Pckg Bodywork
Integrative modalities for client per intake and informed consent.
60min Spot Work
1st Appt Biodynamic Craniosacral / Somatic Resource Consultation
First time client. Please fill out your intake form online or arrive ten minutes early. A clipboard will be set out for you upon arrival if there is another client inside. Please wait on the small couch to the left of the entrance or outdoor seating. An email waiver will also be downloaded as I often email clients. Do not take pain relievers or other over the counter medications before your appointment. Please refrain from processed foods, animal products and intoxicants at least 24hours before and after your session. Synthetic fragrance-free site please no perfumes or colognes unless organic essential oil; we do use aromatherapy. There is a dog on the premises should you have an allergy please let us know.
Monthly Membership
90min of personalized session time consisting of Biodynamic Craniosacral and Polarity Therapy with Natural Facial Rejuvenation Face Points and specific treatment plan tailored upon intake. Payment is due on or before the 1st of the month and session must be standing appointment or booked as soon as possible after the 1st of the month for the following month. Price based on active credit card on file which will be automatically charged on the first of the month. Please see our cancellation and no refund policies via email.
Monthly Members Add-On sessions
A monthly subscriber may purchase any number of additional appointments at $95 per session in addition to their monthly session. Please book a week in advance whenever possible or request a standing appointment for the year.
Pre-Paid 90 Minute BCST Session
GROUPON: Prepaid integrative bodywork
You have voucher or link. Session is tailored for client based on intake and assessment as well as body reading and palpation of meridians via the east-west modality called Polarity Therapy. Stress, trauma and tension evaluation. Acupressure, Reflexology with European effleurage, petrissage, stripping adhesions, moving lymph materia and advanced biodynamic cranial, jaw work when indicated, Acu-face points-rejuvenation all work together for the purposes of relaxation, nervous system reregulation, chakra balancing and supporting the body’s inherent detoxification systems.
Infant BCST
30-45 min. Can be done while parent is holding baby or practitioner holds baby or as the baby rests on comfortable surface. Mobile or in office. Travel charges may apply.
A Sills Method BCST session. May also include Polarity Therapy, Lange-Muller Method Natural Facial Rejuvenation, Somatic Experiencing (naturalized) drawn from Peter Levine’s work and Ray Castellino / Anna Chitty Prenatal and Birth Therapy : Healing Early Imprints. For all ages. Recent findings in neuroscience by Dr Stephen Porges “polyvagal theory”. Client is clothed in loose comfortable clothing and/or modestly draped. This work has been shown to benefit newborns and infants even if they seem “good” babies—don’t cry etc—the quietness can indicate shock and freezing also has helped colic, excessive crying and restlessness. This work founded by Dr William Garner Sutherland, DO and indepth anatomy is studied as well as embryology, quantum physics and in this fluid-model, a mystical intuitive aspect as well. You will be coached and verbally guided and assisted as per individual needs. Whip lash, car accidents, surgeries, injuries, chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression, TMJ, frozen shoulder, digestive.
Travel Charges
For those who are unable to travel to Sea, mobile sessions may be available in certain instances. Case by case basis. $20-$50 based on distance. Not all requests for outcall will be accepted.
Relationship Attraction vía Energy Work, Body Clutter and Feng Shui
2 hour client-site appt includes: 3day cleanse instructions (catering separate) based on your unique situation and food habits etc. with access via FB prv msgr for questions during business time window hours. One hour feng shui and soul questions on-site plus 1hr energy listening touch and spacial trauma resolution facilitation. Includes raw vegan food and drink for during the clearing time. Sea's RawPrincess Guide book is excerpted and specially printed just for you before the session. Do not book this if you are not ready to release your most cherished blocks. Whatever we hold on to has it’s hold on us.
Tarot Reading
Tarot and energy reading. Skype or In person only at this time.
Your Job Is To Love You
Sea’s Unique Polarity Life and Raw Food Coaching Sessions Skype or Phone
Free Consultation Rawprincess 5Day
This Women’s Retreat is not for everyone. We *will* be transformin’ so be determined to make the shift to your highest possible vibrational self. No obligation but to not waste both of our time, have funds ready to invest in YOU and a clean, pure, light routine, should our talk answer your long held desire for support and immersion in fasting and raw food wisdom. Uplevel and dive deep! You will have January 2019 in mind for either a solo or women’s small group retreat (dorm style lodging). Exact dates and prices will be given when we speak.

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