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New Patient Acupuncture


$150 · 2 hours

Acupuncture Follow Up

Acup treatment

$85 · 1 hour

New Patient Child/Student/Vet Acup

$100 · 2 hours

IN PERSON-Food/Herbal Consultation

Consult for food, supplement, herbal medicine

$75 · 45 minutes

Child/Student/Vet Follow Up Acup

$65 · 1 hour

TELE-HEALTH/ONLINE Food/Herbal Consultation

I go through your health history and symptoms and I create a recommendation list of food to avoid or add, herbs to get and lifestyle adjustments to get you back to good health!

$75 · 50 minutes

In Person Meet/Greet

Lets see if we can work together

Free · 30 minutes


Jennifer West


Jonathan West