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Carpet Cleaning

Truck mounted hot water extraction. $99 for the first 3 rooms then $25 for additional rooms, stairs cases are considered a room.

Starting at $99 · 2 hours

Tile & Grout cleaning

$99 for the first 100 square feet, then .50 cents per square foot after. Sealer is not included but available.

Starting at $99 · 2 hours

Pet urine treatment

We will extract urine or other pet droppings and clean, sanitize and deodorize. We also utilize a counter rotating brush machine to remove deeply imbedded pet hair. $49 if added to a carpet cleaning service. Up to 5 spots per treatment.

Starting at $99 · 1 hour

Upholstery cleaning

We clean synthetic upholstery fabrics, like couches, sectionals, chairs and mattresses. $99 minimum if not added to another service at same location. Couches $49-75 Sectionals $49-125 Mattresses $49-100

Starting at $49 · 1 hour

Auto interior

We clean all the seat upholstery, floor carpets and mats.

Starting at $99 · 1 hour


Jacob Knudson