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Intuitive Facial

After discussing your concerns & goals, I will create the perfect balance between results & relaxation, a facial designed for your skin that will also slow down life’s pace. Leave everything in my hands, your skin, your worries & your thoughts. I have a tailored approach to my treatments, so there is nothing for you to decide other than a time. Your intuitive facial is created with O Cosmedics, MSKIN PRO, Esthemax USA, DP Dermaceuticals & Ginger & Me Neurcosmedics. For a full list of professional treatments visit our website.

3 Options

Intuitive Massage

After discussing your concerns & goals, I will create the perfect balance between results & relaxation, designed for your body.

2 Options

Dermapen Pro

The Dermapen Pro includes the specially formulation Uber Peel or Bio White Peptide Peel to enhance results. ÜBER PRO peel is exclusively designed to enhance microneedling procedures. Containing a specific blend of treatment actives. ÜBER PRO increases cellular turnover whilst addressing the signs ageing, acne and hyperpigmented conditions. * Please note that the skin needs to be properly prepped for this treatment. Please speak to our specialists before booking.

$325 · 1 hour

Skin Membership Facial

Monthly Skin Membership Facial

Free · 1 hour 10 minutes

UPGRADE Scalp Massage & Quartz Crystal Comb

This healing experience will release tension held in your scalp, beginning with my hands and finishing with a White Lotus Crystal Carved Comb. As the Crystal comb glides across your acupuncture points you are sure to experience a well being like never before.

$39 · 15 minutes

UPGRADE Face Gua Sha

$25 · 10 minutes

UPGRADE Mindfulness Guided Meditation

The realisation that modern living; the fast-paced world we live in, juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, is challenging our health. The fact that whilst we may be physically present in a moment; mentally we are not. Mindfulness gives the opportunity to stop and pay full attention, to observe your thoughts, feelings, the sensations of taste, touch, smell, sight and sound and to be fully aware of your surroundings.

$25 · 15 minutes

UPGRADE Body Exfoliation

2 Options

UPGRADE Flow Facial

A classic facial to refresh your skin. Great for that added pick-me-up to our massages.

$49 · 30 minutes

UPGRADE Face Sculpting Massage

Great addition to our Intuitive massages. Until you've had a treatment like this, you won’t realise how much tension you may carry around in your face. This short, high intensity face workout reduces puffiness, sculpts and tones the facial muscles using vigorous massage techniques and modalities.

$85 · 30 minutes

Eyebrow Wax

$20 · 15 minutes

Eyebrow Tint

$16 · 15 minutes

Eyelash Tint

$20 · 20 minutes




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